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Hotels open TOMORROW at 6PM PST!


All pricing and details can be found on our Hotel page. In the meantime, here’s some Q and A about our hotel reservations!

Do I need the names of all of my roommates when booking?
NO. We realize that roommate plans are in flux throughout the year before the con. To book a room as quickly as possible, only select the number of guests you have *confirmed* will be rooming with you (example: select “2″ under the Guests option if you’re only certain of yourself and one other person, regardless of the room type). Note that the Fairmont enforces a $15 per-guest fee for the 3rd and 4th guest listed on a room.
Remember to use REAL NAMES when booking!
Team San Jose uses the Passkey system to reserve rooms our hotels. The confirmation email you receive will be from the San Jose Housing Bureau, NOT from the hotel you reserved. Rest assured, if you’ve received an email from the Passkey system with a confirmation number, your hotel will honor your booking. Contact with any questions or concerns!
How does the one-night deposit work?
Further Confusion enforces charging a one-night non-refundable deposit, plus taxes, shortly after booking your room. One night’s deposit helps us ensure we get the space we need, and also shows a demand for more space.
Does the hotel pricing listed include tax?
NO. Please see our note about Hotel Occupancy taxes and city taxes directly underneath the pricing information on the Hotel page. (Short answer: Doubles and Kings at either the Marriott or Hilton are *estimated* to total approximately $154/night. Taxes are subject to change, and are out of the Convention’s control).
I want to host a party! How do I get a room on the Party Floor?
And we’d love for you to host one! Short answer: book a room through the regular reservation process online, then fill out the form that will be linked on our Party Floor page. We’ll review all applications and get back to you!
I want an Executive Suite in the Marriott, how do?
Of the four Executive Suites in the Marriott, two are reserved for our Guests of Honor. The remaining two (on the Party Floor) will be auctioned off later in the year, with the proceeds applied to our charity donation (winners are still responsible for the cost of the suite reservation). Stay tuned to our Hotel page for details on these auctions, launching in August!
I’ve never been to FC, what are the pros and cons of each hotel?
In our humble opinion:
Marriott pros and cons:

  • Center of the action, and location of Dealer’s Room and Party Floor!

  • Shortest distance to Convention Center events

  • ElevatorCon (high wait times due to tall building)

  • High wait time for bell carts

Hilton pros and cons:

  • Doesn’t fill up as fast as the Marriott

  • Shorter elevator wait

  • 5-10 minute (indoor) walk to Marriott and SJCC events

  • Arguably the “quieter” of the SJCC hotels

Fairmont pros and cons:

  • 5-10 minute (outdoor) walk to Marriott/SJCC/Hilton events

  • Beautiful, spacious rooms

  • Kickass bakery under hotel :D

  • Most certainly the quietest hotel option of the three

Have a question not listed here? Please email!
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