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New Year, New Venue
We are glad to announce that Further Confusion 2012 we will be moving to a new Location, the San Jose Convention Center. In addition to increased event space there are two attached hotels Mariott, the primary, and Hilton, secondary, as well as non attached Saint Claire and Crowne Plaza for the overflows.

The Infurmery

For the 2012 year we would also like to announce the theme for our next convention "The Infurmery". Furry Convention with a hospital theme. More on that to come.

Our Next Chair

Our chair for next year will be Bosn and the co chair will be SmackJackal.

Our Numbers
- Registration 2801
- Art Show Sales $31,900
- Dealers Den 113
- Fursuit Parade 477

Masquerade Results
We would like to thank all participants in this years masquerade. The winners are as follows:
1st Place Novice- Rocky Racoon
2nd Place Novice- Kiva Kangaroo
1st Place Journeyman- Beef Jerky
2nd Place Journeyman- Amime Raion
Technical Achievement- Amime Raion
Performence- Rocky Racoon
Artistic Achievement- Anna Benning
Judges Choice- Basil Shepherd

Further Confusion Unleashed Results
Our Sunday variety show, Further Confusion: Unleashed!, was a huge success! ! The winners are as follows:
1st Place Jacobs
2nd Place WolfPup TK, and Co.
3rd Place Far Raptor and Co.

Fursuit Dance Competition Results

The winners of the furry dance competition are as follows:
1st Place Ticer
2nd Place Bit
3rd Place Recca


The amount of money we have raised will be announced at a later time for the following charities:
Greater California German Shepherd Rescue
Wildlife Education & Rehabilitation Center
House Rabbit Society

Share your pictures
Anyone with pictures of the convention feel free to share your galleries in the comments section.

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