Socks the Caline (sockscatt) wrote in furcon,
Socks the Caline

"Right Now" from FNL, currently up on youtube but no clue how long

Hello FC folks! I couldn't make it there this year, but my video did! If you attended the FNL event, you saw a video parody (FMV I guess) called "Right Now". And there's already been one request for it here. So, I manage to get it to stick onto youtube under fair use laws as parody, and it's currently available there. And yes, it's similar to the one shown at MFF. When they asked me if they could use it I said yes, if I could clean it up and make it better. Want a sneak peek?

If they re-take it down, I'll find other places for it. I have it as an .MP4, if anyone has a permanent home for it. Related, anyone got video from FNL of the vid being shown? One of the things I enjoyed about the MFF showing was the audience reaction, and I'd like to hear that if I can. Enjoy the vid!
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