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Suits Needed

Hello there! My name is Ashley (otherwise known as MalaikaWolfcat on the land of the internet) and I'm here today on a mission for my work.

I work at Wildlife Safari (http://www.wildlifesafari.net). We're a non-profit zoological park in Winston, OR. Our logo/mascot is the cheetah, as we're one of the national leads in cheetah breeding. Currently, we have a fursuit we've pulled out of storage and have been using for events. The only problem with this suit is... it's hideous (see here). It's old and has tears in the fabric. It looks like something of a mix between a cheetah and a jaguar. It has a HORRIBLE head with black eyes that are hard to see out of and a mean look on it's face.. and it's hard to breath in as it just has a tiny space for air where the mouth is permanantly open (and the mouth is sorta downwards so that doesn't help). It's just ugly and bad and scary to some children. Lately I've been wearing it in parades and such, but I mentioned to some co-workers and our Executive Director that I know some people who make mascot suits and make really nice ones. So they told me to get in contact with some people to see about the possibilites of having a suit made and how much it would be.

Now, the problem is.. we're looking for a suit that could be worn by a lot of different people, so I don't know if that makes things tricky. Also, being non-profit and in a very non-touristy state we're a bit limited on how much we could spend on something like this without our trustees throwing a fit. And I'm not entirely sure where you are located to try bartering with you in exchange for animal encounters and the like ;) lol. We are also a registered C503 organization so if you donated any amount of material/time for the suit, it could be used as a tax write off.

So if you could give me some info, that would be great. We're looking for a cheetah, an antelope of some sort, and another animal we haven't determined yet (maybe a lemur or maned wolf or something). But first and foremost before anything else we are desperate for a new cheetah! Something that actually LOOKS like one and won't send little kids hiding behind their mothers. Currently, we're most interested in suits from Mixed Candy, One Fur All, and RoseQuoll but I'm not sure any of those people are open or how soon they could make a suit. But I know there's probably a lot more of you out there that make fantastic suits, so if you think you're up for the challenge please contact me with examples and price quotes (especially too if you are one of the people we just mentioned)!

My e-mail is lost.and.found.art @ gmail.com

And just for example, these are some suits that our marketing people really liked-


Just to give you an idea of style. Not cause we're trying to buy your suits off you X)

If I could get any responses before Wednesday, that would be great so I could have some quotes to take to our next marketing meeting.

Thanks for your time!
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