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I'm a little odd about furries...and though sometimes confused for one, I'm not. however, I do like them in a giant teddy bear sorta way; went to a lot of amusement parks as a kid and the people in suits of a similar type just made me feel all the more like a kid.

They had to be hugged...

...I've mostly grown out of this.

If you're a fursuiter furry, as I know not all of them go full coverage, what got you started on this path?

Are you one particular animal or multiples?

Do you have more than one fursuit?

Is there any possibility you may stop being a furry somewhere down the road?

As I know some furries don't necessarily pick animals that actually have fur, do you know any that're kohona cats?

If you don't know what a kohona cat is: Clicky!
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