zen_migawa (zen_migawa) wrote in furcon,

Happy Chinese/Lunar New Year/Spring Festival!

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Remember, everyone, today's Chinese New Year's Eve, the Year of the Rat! Yet ANOTHER excuse to celebrate the New Year like a drunken, gluttonous loser! Well, not really, but regardless, it's another chance to celebrate a New Year from the ancient East.

It's easy, really. Bare minimum requirements, just stuff yourself silly on tonight's dinner, and keep all lights on until the passing of midnight. If your area or nation allows the use of fireworks, all the better to set 'em off at night. And put on red if you can, for it's a good-luck color to the Chinese. Give the younger generation some money in a red envelope and have 'em store it away for the entire year; if they spend that money within the year, it's a sign that they'll be spendthrifty until the next New Year.

This is just stuff my parents do nowadays, since money, time restraints, and lack of manpower have forced them to economize on the traditional ceremonies they used to do regularly. If you're not always busy with your job, and are surrounded by friends or family who can help you celebrate Chinese New Year like the Chinese do, you can always google up some how-to's. It's something to do on an otherwise-ordinary Wednesday. :)

May Good Fortune smile upon everyone here for the years to come!
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