Miss C (phar) wrote in furcon,
Miss C

Rar, dragons!

I had an awesome time at FC, and it's great seeing so many others had an equally wicked weekend!

I was the snobby gold dragon in a kimono (pictured here), who was up to draconic no-good-ness Friday and Saturday evening. No better way to spend a con!

I want to thank everyone out there who takes photos at conventions of all the costumers and attendees, and especially those who post them online for others to find.
It's so difficult to carry around a camera while in costume (nevermind carrying around hotel room keys and cash!), and we who dress up often find ourselves at a loss when awesome photo oppertunities pop up and we're without proper equipment. So THANK YOU! You've made my con memories possible, while only partially blinding me with camera flash. ;)

I'm tickled with the photos I've seen so far, but still on a quest to find photographic proof of the dragon abduction that happened Friday night. Please help! If anyone has shots of a squealing gold dragon on the shoulder of a stinky Scabrous stomping through the main lobby, I'll gladly give you my tithe of virginal maidens for copies!

Can't wait for next year!
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