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It’s been a while since my last update. Life has been really busy what with school starting and projects and such. But I am on top of things and having fun.

FC this year was a ton of fun. Despite my hectic schedule (classes Thurs morning, to con Thurs night, back to class Friday morning, then back to con that afternoon, stay through late Sunday), I managed to spend a decent amount of time in suit, and had a lot of fun meeting new people and hanging out with friends.

I had lots of costume pieces running around this con, as well as three new debut costumes.

First off, my personal partial suit, Shadow:

I tried to keep her super close fitted so that she would look okay with my normal clothing. I also made the head with an open back so that I could use my own hair. She is my first airbrushed project, and I’m thrilled with the results.
Construction: Cold foam face, balaclava base, zipper up the back under my hair.

Next we have my Mate’s new coyote, Tahlorn. He is the smallest carved foam head I have ever made. I’m really pleased with the results, and loved doing the airbrush work on him. Silver of did the tail for us. Thank you Dear!
(Tahlorn is the tall one in the center. Also pictured are some of my other works, Shadow (worn by me) and Blaez (worn by Blaez).

Both suits were really well received, and we had a ton of fun wearing them. We also discovered that we could do some sparring in suit (without stuff getting in the way too badly), so there was some aikido in the halls. *grins*

Last but not least, Ed debuted his new Skimbleshanks costume. This is the first full Cats costume that I have put together in over 7 years. I’m thrilled that everything came together so well. He looked great, and is such a lovely character.

As for swag, I commissioned four badges (you guys have already seen the two I have in hand, the other two should hopefully be finished shortly), and an adorable sketch. I had a lot of fun chatting with some of my favorite artists, and reconnecting with friends.

The highlights and shout outs:

Silver and Saber: You guys are a lot of fun. We need to spend more time together next FC, and totally need to get together before then. Seeing one another once a year isn’t enough! I’m glad I got to get into one of your suits for the photo shoot, I had a blast. Also, please pass on some love and cheer for your friends who joined us Saturday (I’m blanking on their names!). They were both awesome.

Blaez: You are always such a wonderful host. You take such good care of us. Thanks for letting me clime into Martin (I was so cute!). It’s always a huge treat to see you. <3 Thanks for the puddle inducing rubs. *melts* Again, once a year isn’t enough. Boardwalk or Disney sometime this summer perhaps?

LV and Adam: LV it was wonderful to chat with you and hang out. I totally loved geeking all over your costumes, and hope I wasn’t a pest. Adam, you are an awesome guy. I’m really glad to have met you, and look forward to hanging out with you some more in the future. You guys are both wonderful company, and please remember that my home is always open to you. Come camping!

My Cats Crew: Ed, Anna, Furbo, Lucky, Jinx, guys are awesome. I’m thrilled to see such a large group, and am looking forward to more for next year! I’m glad I got to spend some (brief) time in costume with you guys. More next year! Ed is always a good friend, and spending time with him is a treat. You spoil me with your kindness and marketing! Anna, you travel so far, and always seem in good spirits. You are such a nice and fun person, I always enjoy spending time with you. Furbo: I’m glad I got to “re meet” you, and actually spend some time chatting with you. You make a really cool bat, and a great looking cat. <3 Jinx is a lovely gal and I’m thrilled to have finally met her. You always make me smile, and I’m glad to have found a new friend. DFennec, I’m glad I got to hang with you and Flipper (If only for a bit). You are both such wonderful people. I’m thrilled that the costume will work for ya, and am looking forward to seeing it run around for many cons to come.

Phar: I love you! It was such a treat to see you. One can never giggle like an idiot too much. Hehe. Thank you again for all of your help with the photos. My gosh are you stunning in your gold dragon. <3 Beautiful, beautiful girl. I also had a blast dancing with you.

M and Jovino: It’s always great to see you guys! I hope business went well. I really enjoyed dancing and chatting the first evening (thursday?). I’d love to visit you guys sometime this year.

Tugrik: Thank you again for the beautiful photos. You are always so kind, and visiting you makes me smile. I’m glad we got to run into one another a bit outside of your photo booth. It was good to see you enjoying the con.

I’m sure that I am missing folks. If your name isn’t specifically here, please know that you have my heartfelt thanks for making this FC a great con. I talked with so many people, and enjoyed so many beautiful suits that it would be impossible to name them all here.

Thank you again!


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