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FC2008 Photoshoot Pics are Online

Greetings from rainy San Jose, California!

This is just a quick post to let everybody know that the uploads have finished and the FC2008 Photoshoot pictures are finally online. Uploading 14Gb took a little while. We also had a few tagging errors, but most all of them have been cleaned up. I'm going through the galleries now and trying to find any more we may have missed and fix 'em. If we got your name wrong and you'd like us to change it, please, drop me a line at tugrik@gmail.com and I'll gladly do so.

FurtherCconfusion 2008, "The Fur East"

With so many costumers and fans at FC we sometimes have to be a little rushed to get everybody through, so please forgive the occasional mis-frame and late shutter. We left the photos in an un-retouched form to get them online quickly. As for the album names, it's difficult to get Gallery2 to deal with the many various groupings of people. As a partial solution we made sure everybody in each group has their name in the album title for that group. This makes the search function work better.

The best way to find photos is by name, using the "Search" box in the upper left hand corner. There's also a "View Popular Items" tag in the left hand column that will show you the photos that have been clicked on the most. Please feel free to use the ratings system on the photos you like best.

As it's the most often asked question: If you're in the photo, then yes, you can use the photo freely for any personal or non-commercial use. Copy, distribute and modify as you wish if and only if you are in the photo. If you're not in the photo or if you wish to use it for any kind of commercial venture, you must email me to get a proper photo-release and rights. All the pictures are (c) 2008 Monoceros Media and AAE.

For those of you who attended the photoshoot and have feedback for us about our set-up and process, please, leave a note here or drop me a line at tugrik@gmail.com. We are constantly seeking to refine the photoshoot so we can give the most people possible a chance to get their photos taken in a fun and fast-paced convention environment.

From all of us here at Monoceros Media: we had a blast attending FC this year. Thanks for showing up and letting us nose you around our stage!

--Tugrik, Revar, Dusty, Carlota, JayGryph, Phar and our other photo minions :)
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