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FC Con Report!!!

Hey everyone. I'm going to do my con report a little differently. I set up my thoughts kinda in outline format. I'm going to apologize ahead of time as I met a whole lot of people, and memory is a little foggy after the con and stuff. I'd love for people to message me, here through LJ, possibly give me contact info so I can keep in touch with everyone. I've been rather busy after the con.

Thursday :

  • Taken to airport by roomie

  • I had everything packed and ready to go. We didn't have to double back to pick up anything… I have on a couple occasions left like my phone by accident. So this time had smooth sailing.

  • Flew out with brother

  • He got to the airport before I did which was quite surprising. The flight was about 3hrs. He did a lot of school work and after his computer died we watched the first episode of the newest season of Torchwood. One word… gh3y! :P *snickers*

  • Got in Wofly picked us up

  • It was awesome not having to have the airport shuttle take us to the hotel. My friend wolfyisms picked me and my brother up as his other friends weren't able to pick him up.

  • Found action packer damaged

  • Filed claim with airline

  • When getting everything into Wolfy's CRV we found my action packer was damaged. I was really annoyed at this as I've made quite a few cons with my gray plastic container that rolls. It was cracked around the middle handle. The baggage claim people were nice and all, but was still annoying they couldn't handle things right there. I was told to bring the empty container back to Texas though to file the claim and that I should get reimbursed for the damaged luggage.

  • Ate at in&out burger for breakfast

  • This burger joint chain is only in California atm and both me and my brother had to indulge while we were in the area. They are really awesome. If you haven't had a burger there, you should!

  • Rooming with a Rat

  • The rat I was staying with wasn't in yet, or if he was I didn't know so I dropped off stuff in my brother's room as he and his friends this year were staying in the hotel and not commuting to the place.

  • Storage Box Run

  • Wolfy and I went out to try to look for a new container to store my fursuit in. Picked up a wooden rolling trunk from the Container Store as the local Wal-Mart didn't have anything like what I had. After I got the container I got in touch with Raganzi and found we had a room and got all my stuff into it.

  • Meet and Greets

  • I wish I could remember everyone's name, but instead of naming some, and not others I don't want to offend anyone. All my friends really made the con so great for me, and I want to give each and every one of you big *hugs* and whatnot for making it such a wonderful con and being awesome friends.

  • Registration Ramifications

  • I braved the long lines, including the pre-reg line (as it was long too) because I wanted to go to the dance that evening. It looks like I didn't need to brave the line though

  • Thursday Night Dance
  • (didn't have the greatest of music, but I wanted to dance)
    This was held in a room near the elevators. It was a small room, and unfortunately the music wasn't all that great. I wanted to dance so I went anyway. There was one real awesome glowstick spinning person there and all I have to say is at this con I had so much poi envy as I want to get better… I will need to redouble my efforts and practice lots.

  • Denny's Dinner Run

  • After dancing I went out with Wolfy to the nearby Denny's. We braved the cold and the real annoying thing is that the service that evening was absolutely horrid. They were understaffed and were not very attentive or anything. Met one of Wolfy's college friends which was cool, and come to find out that another person I met at the con was there that evening, saw me, but we didn't meet till Friday… After dinner walked around the lobby and stuff for a bit, and eventually went to bed.

Friday :

  • Dealer's Den

  • This is pretty much a staple of any con. I commissioned a few people like Kitsumi for a badge which is a yearly tradition. I also said lots of greetings to all my artist friends… I also snuck behind dealer's tables to give people hugs and things like that.

  • Poi Problems?

  • I learned a few things and while at the workshop, though while spinning above my head I accidentally hit myself in the cheek with a plastic flow light. Smarted myself right well and actually drew blood. I got cleaned up and finished the poi lesson with the rest of the class.

  • Went to Arakin's "Carousel" birthday party

  • The party was lots of fun and I got to meet some of the people Arakin is close with. 2 of which he has had possible plans to move here to the US to be with.There was lots of cool and interesting pizzas and there was a GINORMOUS black forest cake. This cake was definitely no lie. It was also quite moist and very delicious. It was cool just hanging with people and things like that.

  • Sushi w/ Silver McHowl

  • I didn't really eat anything as I was full with pizza from Arakin's party. We mainly went to this sushi place for a bit of warm sake. I got to meet his special someone, and hope things go well for Silver in going to school.

  • Friday Night Dance

  • The Friday dance wasn't bad, but not the greatest. They did have some good stints of music here and there, and they had the house lights up so I was spinning with my vibrant blue sock poi. There was even a video taken of me by Uk, a fellow fursuiting poi spinner. (we seem to be growing in number… slowly) I was also tipped $10 by some lady… and I was so highly blushing inside it wasn't even funny. :> That was like the highest single tip I had the entire con. *blushes* I don't do the risqué clothing for the money… I do it mostly for the reactions of others. I also remember they played the "discovery channel" song and I definitely did a nice bump/grind dance with wulven dancer.

    Looks like there was also a video taken! Provided by uckticoonox

  • Feline Curiosity

  • Met a cool cat by the name of Renkairu. I am mentioning him specifically as it was kinda funny how we met, and the rest of the con. After one of my bouts on the dance floor I was cooling off in the headless lounge. I was wearing that provocative article of clothing and he at first "stole" one of my own $1 tips to "re-tip" me, and also got some other money just because and that was how we met. We got to talking and actually got to hanging out the rest of the con.

  • Late Nights

  • I fursuited a lot longer than usual after the dance and hung out in the lobby for a while with Ren, and met up with my friend Sabvriel. Had a good long talk with him and he even made me a drink! Had a rum&coke… ;) Eventually went to bed, Rent went to his room and I stayed up a little bit longer… I did have a nice long chat with Sab right outside my door about a number of things, and stuff… Then went to bed myself.

Saturday :

  • Breakfast @ hotel with Wolk, Ren, Raganzi & Max

  • I actually had my first proper breakfast the entire con. I ate, but not exactly properly, or at the most opportune times. Went to get breakfast with Ren, but bumped into Wolk while going down the elevator and grabbed him to come along with as I didn't have his phone # to call or anything like that. I also got Raganzi and Max to join us. The food was delicious, and it was a buffet so I know that a lot of people probably gorged on food. I had my fill and went about my business.

  • Dealer's Den

  • Again, as I said fairly staple thing… I tend to return there lots while wandering about the halls, meet up with people and things like that while making the rounds. Talking with people in the halls, things like that, while getting commissions done. I wish I could remember everyone's name and if they have lj or not… >.<

  • Twins meet Xzadford

  • My friend Todd (Xzadford) from SL has known that I am a twin, but said he wouldn't believe me until he saw us together. I made sure to go up there to the tenth floor with my brother and introduced them. I am no liar! :P

  • Fursuit Parade

  • I got into the fursuit parade. I decided to get in my ninja attire and I think there were over 360 suits. They even went to the extravagance in having a Chinese performing group with a dragon, drums and it was definitely over the top, but it was real neat! After the parade I got my fursuit badge picture taken and picked up after getting out of suit. After the parade just had fun wandering around the con and things like that.

  • Met lots of friends & party time

  • I got introduced to quite a few friends that Ren knows, one lady dressed up in a nice 1930's black dress. It was awesome. I also met other friends of his. He got to meet friends of mine, especially later that evening at an impromptu party that my friend Baja held. He was rooming with two other suiters, Snow Wolf, and Unica. The party was fun I had a couple drinks. Snow Wolf also had me try on his Anubis fursuit head. That was real cool! I also brought up my fursuit to have it looked at and thankfully was able to get some repairs done earlier in the evening from another friend of Ren's who is a fursuit maker. Got some seams fixed and Ren's friend helped me with fixing the jaw of my suit.

  • Saturday Night Dance

  • This dance was the most fun one of the entire convention. They played the best music and I was dancing up a storm. They even had on stage a blacklight setup and I got up on that with my white sockpoi (with the blue glowing balls) and had people say that it looked awesome under the blacklight. I do know that before I got up on stage some of my other dancing with poi I think I had at one point a crowd of people because a few of my moves I like to drop to my knees to try to impress the crowd and people did enjoy… ;) I also danced some with Wulven Dancer and found that one of her friends is also the person who was at the con last year dressed as Willy Wonka! *chuckles* I was given some candy as a bit of a 'tip' as well. I do hope that people took lots of video of me during this awesome night of dancing. I am fairly certain after the dance me and Ren both were also giving a little bit of a poi lesson to Hasmat (akseawolf). His water drinking skills in suit are awesome! *chuckles* After the dance though there was someone playing the piano and another person I believe the guest of honor who was playing violin and guitar with the piano player… The music was just heavenly. I stayed up way way late again, but enjoyed being up… I was having so much fun. I did eventually get to bed though.

Sunday :

  • Dealer's Den

  • Just the usual, pick up sketchbooks, dropped them off with others. Say hello to friends, in passing. One thing in particular bugged me though… One of my friends Bushy Cat was definitely down and was crying. I had Ren commission her, though I tried my hardest to help comfort her. I hope things aren't as bad as she was thinking. Throughout the day just wandered, talked with people and things of that nature. The more fun stuff happened in the evening.

  • Baja Fresh w/ ren & friends

  • Went out to dinner with some of Ren's friends at a place called Baja Fresh. The food was good and the company was nice as well. After dinner though we said goodbye to those friends as they left to take care of things and weren't coming back to the con.

  • Baja party time

  • There was another kinda impromptu party up in Baja's room. I do wish I had gone to a few other parties like one that farraptor invited me to. I think next year I'll try to do more partying… I dunno… I wing things at every con and so far have always managed to have tons of fun. We watched some of the masquerade this evening and did some other fursuit fixing. I learned how to stitch up seams, though am thinking I'm gonna get my bodysuit redone at some point. Snow Wolf, Baja and everyone after the masquerade was over got all suited up to go dancing. I went and got in suit to enjoy the final dance of the con.

  • Sunday Night Dance

  • This was the last dance night of the con. I had tons of fun anyway. I even tried helping another awesome poi spinner uckticoonox a move that I do with sock poi called a spiral. The ball chain toy he had gave me problems though and isn't good for that particular trick. I lent him a pair of my socks and think he got the move down. He's a better poi spinner than me. Ren is way better than me too. I have such poi envy I wanna learn more tricks and get better. One of the biggest highlights of the evening though was dancing with dingybatty. We did a little bit of "blues" dancing. I danced with her while in suit as for every night of dancing I just stayed in suit. I also got to meet a few other people and get to know them better like Zeke, and his girlfriend, and after the dance was over, even was in a few photo shoots on the second floor. Eventually wound up back in my room. Got out of suit and talked with Ren for a while before Raganzi got back. I was surprised he was up so late as previous nights he and Max both were in bed before I was. Guess the last night of the con makes everyone night owls.

Monday :

    The day of leaving… I only recently found out that there are some dead dog parties, but pretty much everyone just leaves this day.

  • Saw Raganzi & Malcom off

  • I helped them get packed while I was getting packed and out of the room as those two had earlier flights than me. I found a few other friends of mine had their flights delayed, but mine wasn't. I had Ren's help getting my stuff to the hotel's security station. I dropped off my stuff there, wandered around finding people to say goodbye to, wishing people safe trips and things like that.

  • Brunch @ Denny's

  • I tried to round up some friends to go have breakfast with, but it ended up being me, Ren, and his friend Digi. I remember last year eating my final meal with Dingbat and and friends, but she had already left. Others were checking out of the hotel and things like that. On the way out after eating I tried my hand at a crane game and actually won a plushie on my first try! Saw Sabvriel on our way back to the hotel and saw someone we met the night before in the halls, while in suit.

  • The Longest Goodbyes

  • Once food was over, was finding people in the lobby and giving final goodbyes. Wulven Dancer even came from school to say goodbye. Sometimes I wish I didn't have to say goodbye to people, but eventually all good things come to an end.Wolfy drove me to the airport.

  • Airport Annoyances

  • Wolfy drove me to the airport. I got all my baggage checked in and got the empty broken container on the plane without having to pay anything extra. I found I was flying back with another friend of mine, loiosh_de_talto. We were even seated close by! That was quite interesting and cool. The flight back was uneventful, though we got back about 20 minutes early, they didn't get a gate open for us until about 30min after our scheduled arrival time around 9pm. Then after getting back I worked with baggage claim and got the claim filed for the broken luggage. The ticket office was closed who they said would've been able to reimburse me right then, so I followed their procedure on this. I have gotten one phone call, but now waiting on them to get back with me again from American Airlines and not their baggage department.

  • Brotherly Bonding

  • My roomie picked me up and took me back to my apartment and my brother got in on a later flight. I picked him up, albeit I was a little later than he would've liked, he didn't tell me exactly when he was coming in and only told me around 11pm so I waited for his call when he arrived to drive out. I picked him up, though on the way back home and my phone call with him he was not feeling well. He may have been coming down with some con crud, but mostly he was dealing with some emotional issues. I'm not gonna go into details, but I've been trying my best to help him with what's been going on and only want him to get through these turbulent times he's dealing with.

So that is my con report in a nutshell. I hope you all enjoyed. I know I may not have mentioned everyone by name and stuff, please forgive my bad memory and stuff. I do hope to see you all again very soon at another con. I hope to keep in touch with new friends made, and hope to keep in better touch with everyone in general. Hope you all enjoyed my report. ^_^

If anyone has other vids, please let me know and stuff! ^_^
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