Pounce! The Sac CAt (ugotpounced) wrote in furcon,
Pounce! The Sac CAt

FC08 Fortunes!

Kudos to those that thought of the idea of giving us Fortune Cookies with little furry paper fortune strips. Please post your fortune...(no cheating for those involved with the creation)

#01 Confucius say, Fur softest on belly and tail.
#02 You will have a bark and furry night!
#03 You are about to be petted.
#04 Help! I'm trapped in a fursuit factory!
#05 Look out behind you!
#06 You're about to get your nose licked.
#07 With sketchbook in hand, choose wisely.

Keep them coming and see you all at FC09 (Strutting My Nine Lives!...La vida loca nueve vidas)

P! out.
(Fish Clip Agent#004 FC007)
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