Rabs Whitetail (whitetail) wrote in furcon,
Rabs Whitetail

Been away 10 years

FC2008 was my first con in 10 years.

What a difference a decade makes!

Bottom line impression: you have created an absolutely phenomenal convention. I was completely blown away by what I experienced there.

Ten years on, everything in furry seems to have advanced a quantum leap forward: especially the fursuits. There were maybe 40-50 fursuits at ConFurence 9. To have there be more than 400 at FC is just positively mindblowing to me. And the quality! At least a quarter of the fursuits I saw could have been a 1st place costume contest winner at the old cons I went to. Just incredible artistry and imagination. *applauds*

That hotel amazed me, too. BY FAR the best furry con venue I've ever seen. That central dining area with the long walkway running alongside was truly awesome for fursuit- and people-watching. Something like that's a huge plus for a gathering place for a highly visual genre like furry.

Y'know, almost the whole time I was there, I kept thinking – I found furry fandom years too soon. What it is right now is what I always had hoped it would be way back then, but never really quite was. I'm so glad I lived to see my most fond furry dreams come true at long last...

Thank you so much! Really, you can't imagine how much this experience meant to me. ^^
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