Kilmarac Drago (kilmarac) wrote in furcon,
Kilmarac Drago

Awesome AV Crew!

Hey all, I just wanted to drop in and say that it was a great time working with the AV crew.  Spuds, Cheetah, Tony (Dont know your fur name) it was great.  Im really glad the I had the opportunity to be on the Staff with you this year, and if I can do anything about it, I plan to come back in the future.  Gotta save up for it I guess since Ill be back on the East Coast again.

In the Main stage I was the NekoBoy / Audio Ninja that you all heard going "DING DING DING DING DING" as I ran up to the stage everytime a Mic died.  LOL

Ya, and in case some of you are looking at the pic and going.. wasnt that....?   Yes.... I was the DragonWolf (looked more like just wolf right now) furry with the WAAAAAY too big head.  First head... what I can I say?   Im a growing FurPup.   Im sure that by next year you will all see a much better version.
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