royal_dog (royal_dog) wrote in furcon,

Royal's Excellent Con Adventure

Yo everyone! I had a freakin blast at this year's FC!! It was so great to get to meet everyone that I did and talk to all of you that I did. This was my first con ever, and my first major time fursuiting as well :O I doubt anyone remembers my suit:

its the one that's second from the cameraman's right, the grey wolf partial made by Noble (named Gao, though my name's Royal). I was just wondering if anyone had any pictures or videos of him? ^_^


I must sincerely apologize to everyone for puking my guts out in the headless lounge ^^;;;;;; I danced just a little too long and hard for a noob fursuiter. Please forgive me if I got some of it on your suit ><;;
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