Koinu-kun (koinukun) wrote in furcon,

Looking for pics/vids...

Heyas everyone! OMG! FC was one of the most fun con experiences I have had in quite a long time. Let me say thanks first off to all the staff and the volunteers for making a wonderful con experience. I was in suit like almost half my time at the con, bouncing about and meeting new furs and hanging out with old friends. I even managed to get myself in at the masquarade. I myself will be posting up con pics and whatnot as I get them off my camera and resized and such.

For right now though I am looking for any and all pics and vids of me running around in suit. For any of you that didn't know, I was the bright pink husky with the emo-hair bouncing about. Koinu-kun was the badge name. I was the one that preformed and danced along to the DDR Butterfly song remix midway through the masquarade. If anyone has any pics of my, or better still and vids of me preforming my little song and dance, please feel free to get a hold of me via AIM and E-mail.

My AIM screen name is seitekikoinukun
My e-mail is Seiteki.Koinukun(at)gmail(dot)com

For refference here is a pic I found that I posted up to my website...

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