Silver Husky (silverlinz) wrote in furcon,
Silver Husky

Centralizing photos?

Just was wondering, why not have people photodump pics from the con in a centeal location like Frysco's or Timduru's archives? Ive noticed its been difficult to track down good amounts of pics from the con, other than backtracking through every day of my history on my LJ. 

These used to be really popular archives with TONS of photos and it was fun to browze.

Here is the links:

Timduru's  and Frysco's 

I just think it would be helpful to all uf us if we didnt forget about how useful these sharing tools are. Just an observation, and thank you to all who have posted their galleries of awesome pictures up so far!

PS. Fur -n-a-box will be uploaded/posted very soon

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