Francisco Azinsan (frysco) wrote in furcon,
Francisco Azinsan

FC2009 FAQ

There's a number of questions we've received already about FC2009. We're still recovering from last weekend, catching up on sleep, etc, but here's a quick FAQ to answer some of your burning questions:

What was the attendance like for FC2008?
2,311 attendees, 226 of which were sponsors, and 87 were patrons.

How many fursuiters in the parade?
Our official count was 387.

Will there be a DVD for FC2008?
We'd like to have one, certainly. If you'd like to volunteer to help on this project, please contact us.

What are the dates for FC2009?
January 22nd-26th, 2009

We'll be back at the San Jose DoubleTree again.

Is there a theme yet?
No, not yet. If you have an idea for one, please pop over to our Forums.

When will hotel reservations open?
That's still to be determined, but - like this year - probably around April. We'll give you fair warning.

When do applications for the Dealer's Room open?
Likely around April again.

What about the Art Show?
Hopefully around the same time soon. It definitely will be a lot earlier than for this year.

Will the Art Show be first-come, first-served or juried?
We're going to be researching this one. Stay tuned.

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