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Thanks to the Fursuit Lounge Crew!!

Thanks SO much for everyone on my Fursuit Lounge Crew!! We have one of the best Fursuit Lounges of ANY Convention out there! It's all due to you! My Goodness we were busy the WHOLE time of the con!

Luphinus, my second! - Thanks for dragging all the powdered drinks and making the fursuit-body hanger! Also for making sure ConOps knew when we were short on water (many times!)

Griffinwolf - WOW, dude, you totally rock!! You checked water and drinks like no one's business! Thank you for being the best communicator with TXT MSGing!!!

Rika Silverpaw - You were there EVERY time I was in the lounge! I especially thank you for being there during the most busy times like the FNL, Masquerade, and parade!

BW Silverpaw - Another awesome person who really helped with dragging those heavy water jugs around!

TH Squirrel - Thanks for making those awesome Head Dryers! Everyone loved them! I totally want FC to buy one of these from you! (laugh) with how many suiters we have, we need 'em!

There was one more person, who was not officially on my crew who deserves a big High-Five: Turin!! If you know this person, please let me know. I would like to definitely let him know that he was appreciated! He constantly was cleaning up around the lounge and making sure that everyone had their flavored drinks (and brought his own basket of them!)

A couple more thanks: MONDAY AFTERNOON: THANK YOU to the guys from the Logsitics team (I think?) and RockstarPup for helping me actually TEAR DOWN the upstairs Fursuit Lounge! My hip was really bothering me, and you guys really did a terrific job on getting stuff down to the Logistic's Room! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

If you guys have any Praises or Complaints about the Fursuit Lounge, PLEASE post them on the FC Forums: http://www.furtherconfusion.org/forums/

Thanks again everyone!
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