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back from Further Confusion

(x-posted to FA and my personal elJay)

hey FC,

Beetlejuice and I arrived back from California about... oh... an hour ago?

We took an extra couple days post-con for shenanigans. Too bad we were both sick for most of it. Still a fun trip though.

Due to unforseen circumstances friday evening (which i will get to in a seperate entry), and coming down with con crud DURING the con, I ended up taking home a few more badges than normal.

For this, I apologize. I'd like to get all of that work taken care of as soon as possible, because it's never my intention to take work home with me at all.

I've created a new email address for business purposes, LikeshineArt@gmail.com, and if I owe you something from the con, please drop me a line there so we can talk.

My previous email address, evergreenshine@gmail.com, will still be active, but I'd like to keep business things and personal things more separate.

Please update your address books accordingly ;)

The issue that plagued us Friday evening is an important one, and I'll be making a separate entry to this community regarding that. It's a common sense thing, but still something I'd like to talk about.

Thanks everyone for an amazing con, FC is always my favorite stop on the con trail, and Beetlejuice always has a blast with you guys. Pictures of my Ghost with the Most are always muchly appreciated too :)
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