Ch'marr (chmarr) wrote in furcon,

Thanks to all "my" art show staffers and gophers

Before I totally forget...

I want to publicly extend my thanks and acknowledgements to all my art show staffers for the huge effort they pulled through the art show. The weeks leading up to the convention were very hectic for me, and I'm crystal clear that without every one of the staffers pulling for the show being successful, it either wouldn't have worked out as well as it did, or I would have been driven ill/crazy, or some combination of both.

My co-lead Sumarra did a great job with scheduling, and ensuring everyone's well being was looked after, INCLUDING mine.

Thanks to the staffers Pokey, Frostscar, Ian, Daniel, Mona, Laura, Kurt, Heather, Sharon and Lara for ensuring our customers were well looked after and ensured great service. I want you to know that we received tens of compliments of how well the show was run, in no small part to your individual efforts.

And, thanks to all the gophers, too, in particular Mozdoc who put a lot of effort and muscle in. (Not lessening the efforts of the other gophers... I just forget all your names ;) )
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