Super Jayhawk (super_jayhawk) wrote in furcon,
Super Jayhawk

Furry Night Live 2008 - Looking for Comments and Feedback

(x-posted to [info]furcon)

Hi everyone,

We hope that you enjoyed the big Furry Night Live Show at FC 2008 on Sunday night! It was an awesome show, IMHO the best one in the history of FC. Between San Jose Taiko, the movies, the stage skits and the hosts, it was a breathtaking experience. Congrats to the performers, the entire mainstage crew, A/V, FCTV, the emcees and the ninjas, and the entire FNL staff for making it all run so well and look so awesome. The entire backstage looked like the runway lineup at the airport, it was very well put together.

I know there have been lots of comments in individual LJs with regards to what people thought of Furry Night Live, but I would like to ask if people would join us on [info]furrynightlive so we can get a discussion on what you thought worked, what didn't, and what would be better the next time around. This year's show was the result of lots of planning and getting lots of feedback from everyone.

Whether you were a performer, behind the scenes or in the audience, we'd like to hear from you!
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