Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote in furcon,
Andrew Trembley

A big thank-you... everybody who stopped by the League of Evil Geniuses Hall of Fame on Friday night and helped make our last party at Further Confusion so much fun.

Particular thanks to those who contributed to paying off our happy little tanuki's IOU's!

If you still need a little bit of evil we've got a few more events before we wrap up:

February 15th we will be throwing the party at Gallifrey One, North America's longest-running Doctor Who (and Brit-Media) convention at the lovely LAX Marriott in Los Angeles. We'll have a fabulous suite and even more madness!

April 25-28 offers you a chance to see what we do with a whole weekend at Costume-Con 26. It's 4 days, all costumes, all the time, at The San Jose Doubletree (sound familiar?). We won't be throwing an Evil Geniuses party, but we've got Friday night's Victorian Underwear Party, a Mad Science Fair all weekend and our most fabulous consuite to compensate.

May 23rd is our last great blow-out at BayCon 2008 at the Santa Clara Hyatt Regency. Yep, the last party. Be there or don't!
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