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Ahoy thar. Amy Bunny's first FC report

Aha. Well, I don't know if this sort of stuff's supposed to go here, or somewhere else, but it can't hurt to post. At least not probably. What's the worst that'll happen? Hm, better not ask that, before I end up upside down over a stewing pot. So, this was my first FC and I had a blast, I'll summerize up why, and then move on to other thoughts and related topics.

What'd I do during this con?

Well, Wednesday I was mostly feeling a bit lost and out of place, the Kitrich was the only one I knew at con, that I could easily find, and Im typically a bit nervous and shy until I get to know people. I know that can be the deadly bane of not getting to do anything at a con, so I did take a few chances and just jumped in and got to know a few people at the Con. Sure, I got weirded out a few times, but nothing major and I met some of the most awesome people in this way. So right. Back on topic. Im bad at this. Wednesday I wandered around aimlessly mostly, but by later in the evening, Sasho who I was rooming with for the con came up and said I could help with bagging, if I was considering con work. So I said sure, why not. I had a blast down there bagging pre-con, met Jenny who I believe is very awesome, Sarahemm was there, and I got to do lots of repetative tasks, which is something I like. And best yet,we got all the bags completed that night. Yaaay us!

After that, Im pretty sure I just went to bed and prepared for an early morning. Sometime during the morning/afternoon of Thursday , I met this person, he was holding a sign, and by golly if his name wasn't Selkit, who shall forevermore be known as Uncle Selkit. It's been said he wants YOU! So I ended up being a gopher. Given my existing ties to Reg desk at this point, and given that Reg is where help is usually needed really badly, especially in the first two days, I ended up working those front lines, directing traffic to cashiers. It didn't always flow perfectly, but thanks to con attendees for being understanding with the chaos and we'll continue to work on making it easier and more coherent to get to cash and keep things flowing smoothly.

By the end of the day my voice was a bit sore from shouting and directing, and I was thoroughly exhausted. I stayed from open-close that day, at Reg. Got so caught up, I forgot to have lunch, hehe. But it was a good kinda crazy. Only thing that could've made it more awesome is if we had Heather Alexander herself performing in the Lobby while people waited in line.

Friday I got up early and headed to Reg once more, by this time they had me working behind the desk with them a lot, because they found me even more useful there, I found it a great experience hanging out with all our reg people. meeting all those people who came by for sponsor,staff,patron,flare badges. Busy day, I might've gotten away for a few hours that day to see some of the con, I can't remember. I got away for the Alexander James Adams concert, if that was on friday, I can't recall and the con book's not beside me, and I don't currently have the FC page up to check. But then it was back down to reg for fun and work.

Saturday I ended up taking off either partly or completely, I think, just so I could actually go see the con, the dealer's room, specifically. I think that was also the night I met D.Wolf and Co. while playing that Werewolf game. For some reason people just don't trust bunnies. I guess they make good werewolves in disguise. hehe. They managed to convince me to stay up all night gaming and chatting, hanging out, and drinking coffee(which is new for me!).

Sunday D.Wolf and a bunch of his friends and I had breakfast together,where we all became friends. there was more dealer room mayhem, most notable in my opinion was probably Team Puzzle. I don't know how well known Pomander and Kaiven are amongst those people who follow art stuff fanatically, but I think they're quite awesome and have excellent work. They stood out I think the most to me, as well as another artist who was at the back, across from club stripes i think it was, but their information i have on a piece of art i had commissioned.

All in all, I thought FC was awesome. I loved it so much, I'll have to be back next year, and next year Im coming back as a Reg Staffer, if they'll hire me. I'm really looking forward to getting to work more with the Reg staff team.

I don't know if they're still accepting ideas for themes for next year's FC, but I had one just today. FC Timewarp. The general idea is having costuming, and furs from every era of history, and theme's. It'd be pretty disjointed for a theme, but I think that'd make it neat. Have some ancient egyptian area, an arthurian area, a "present" time area, and a future area. maybe a few others if there's room for them, panels could range from ren-faire-ish stuff, egyptian culture stuff and information, and future sci-fi stuff. It'd be almost like a culmination of every FC past to present...and even beyond! Anyhow, I just thought that'd be neat, so i'd toss it out there.

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