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Second FC second post

Wow my second post on this journal, I wasn't really going to post till a few furs asked what my LJ account was so I might as well let them see I posted this main event ^^. Also I'm sorry its late I had to head home from Frost place and didn't want to post it till it was fully done, so sorry for the delay.

Thursday: So can guarantee we don't miss out 9:00 flight we got to the airport by 2:00 or around that time, to be all set and ready. To my surprise the airport was half way ... well more or less closed, hey you learn something everyday. So we go down to the departure section considering that was the only place that had seats, we sat down for the long wait for our flight. Getting to sleep down there turned out to be more difficult than I thought, even though I could sleep in just about any position and not be bothered, but that wasn't it, the fact that from my knees down to my fee where cold ... very I had to keep tossing and turning to keep then kind of warm. Waking up to see Blaze and Frost drinking hot espresso made me think I should do the same, but being stubborn and lazy I procrastinated till the cold got to me again. Figuring that I needed one I got me and espresso shot with a cappachino would work for me, so then started the mixing when I put a lot of sugar into it, when I notice some flavors I could add to it, so I start experimenting, not a very good idea. In the end I put too much cinnamon into my drink that it tasted like it should be chewed, so I forced myself to drink half and got back into my chair curling into a ball to fight the cold, that worked till nose got cold. So fed up with the cold I put my hoodie on backwards and wallah no cold face ^.^. So finally getting to sleep I wake up for what seem like another 15 min. to see the placed packed suddenly. Thats when we finally got up and decided to go to the check in, on the way there I took a closer look at the things we weren't allowed to bring into the baggage check in and very amused on the stuff that they had in there like a chainsaw.. Anyway the rest of that day went smoothly, found another couple furs that was catching the flight with us, surprising me that there are other furs in the Illinois area that I didn't know about, no surprises there. The flight was amazingly smooth and we got to san jose about 5 hours early so that was cool. Then we finally made it to the hotel, which was filled with furs that early of the con. So the furs I got there with went to sign up for there room while I went else where, chatting with a few furs here and there as I waited for the owner of my room. Luckily I found a temp room that gave me enough time to go and register for the con, in which they where late with the set up and took about an half hour to just open, lucky me I sponsored this year and got to be out of the line in no time when they finally opened. I then moved my stuff to the room with the fur I was  invited to and the rest of that day was slow considering nothing much was scheduled to happen that day, that I found interesting anyway stopped at the game room to tune up my smash brothers skills for the tournament and sign up for DDR also .

Friday: Woke up semi early and got cleaned up, and headed out to hopefully get upstairs for breakfast. Things seemed to work out pretty well because some one from the 10th floor was heading down so the first in a very long time I had an actual breakfast, that filled me up nicely that I might add. After I got full off food I went down to wander and look for the list of furs in my head that I wanted to meet. Happen to fall upon meeting strada. Followed him around till we got to the dealers den where I met a husky while waiting to get into the dealers room, where I rushed to get to a few furs to ask for sketch book commissions before they got filled up, luckily all the artists I wanted where in a nice little square, so they just passed my sketch book around :p. Went to the game room again to waste time and practice some more before going back out to wander for a little social action. When I stumbled upon the DDR in the bar, so I thought, hey great I can practice. Only to find out that the tournament was about to start ... lucky me huh ^^;, so when my turn came up ... I or more or less crashed and burn .... because of my shoes, really because I had shoes that where too big for my feet, but I'm not saying that even if I did have better ones it would of been better I still would of probably lost :p. Later on that day I ran into Koinu in his fursuit, had to give him a hug and chat to him and hug out for a bit, also ran into that husky again who happen to also have a fursuit so that was awesome.

Saturday: I was the first to wake up today so I am teh awesome ... yea ^^;, anyway the early morning was a little more quicker today after the shower and my second rare breakfast mornings, before I got down to the dealers room that is now open, no lines huzzah. The passing of my sketch book continued this day also, along with me buying a pink G-string ... for what  no idea it was pink and cute , so no questions!!. Nevertheless I went back to wandering and game room now and again when I saw single speed cheetah, another fursuiter I wanted to chat with all that came out of my muzzle was hi how are ya .... an no thing else after that so I was disappointed at that, ran into Foxplay also, three down two to go ^^;. In which I met the rest of them during the fursuit parade took a few pic's of them and went out for lunch with a few furs. That night The SBM tournament went on that had there intense moments, and when it was my turn ... lets just say we knew who won by an A landslide from the beginning of the match, two words 'Not me'. With that match done in a way I never expect it to, I went up to the creators den to hang with Kaji and a few other furs for hours before returning to the tournament for the team battle ... in which we one the first and the rest is history, don't need to know details ok >.>. The rest of that night went with creators lounge and hanging with fursuiters I knew. During the dance a feline I hung with kinda more or less forced me to dance, well more like pushing me out onto the middle of the dance floor in getting me to dance with him.

Sunday: woke up a little later this day, and didn't make it in time, waking a friend to show him where to get free breakfast from since he didn't know about the stairs. After that I went to collect my sketch books and took them back to my room to prevent me from getting even more commissions from the artists, was going quickly poor. The rest of the day was hanging and talking with other furs till they went to bed then I hung at the creators lounge till the FNL started. It was one an interesting show, and kept adding odd things into it to keep us interested like the 'dick in a box' skit, and the fursuiters walking around with a box around there waist, and to make it more amusing they came back out to collect the votes for the show, and guess where they put the papers at ... after the show I went back to the creators lounge and hung out the rest of the night, till  I start nodding off frequently, till one of the furs I was rooming with made me go to bed, in which we shared ^.^, and not in that way you furverted fiends.

Monday: I woke up semi late took a quick shower and rushed upstairs to have breakfast to find out that I was sadly too late to eat breakfast. Anyway I also was lucky to be able to try out a fursuit ^^, it was fun although I still was a little shy to do much of anything out of waving and hugging and getting pic's taken with me in it. Turned out to be real fun till I got hot, then when you try to go to the headless lounge, your suddenly a target of scritches and picture taking at the worse possible moment, so I can feel you suiters pain at that note :p. After the cool down we started to move out to the pool for a photo shoot, 'wow my first photo shoot ^^', so as we headed there we came a to a few people asking for photos, I didn't actually do a lot of posing because I was kinda nervous acting out in a suit, in which no one really knew who I was imagine that ^^;, anyway I was starting to heat up already, so I convince the group of fursuiters I hung out with to head outside, where we lounged on the relaxers by the pool, which where all taken so I laid on Rev-Fox relaxing and enjoying the bits of cool air that penetrated the suit. At that moment a red dragon fursuit was running to the edge of the pool like as if he was going to jump into it, I'm thinking yea right like he would do that, only for him to leave out of my site and actually jump into the pool. That surprised me that he actually did it, after that highlight event went on, all of the fursuiter lined up for the photo shoot, we did a few poses and after that I headed up to take the suit off. When I got back to the pool I find out that its full with more suiters, when I get out of the one I was in, imagine that huh >.>. Took a few more pics then I somehow ended up following Rev around for the remainder of the day going to his room taking pics of them doing silly things that furs do, before we headed for dinner and back up to get ready for the dance. The dead dog dance seemed to be smaller than it was last year, or the room was much smaller compared to last year, but more interesting because of the mundanes reaction to fursuiters and the things they seen the fursuiters doing, with the groping rubbing and kissing, not making a good name for ourselves but hell we had fun. As for me dancing no one of the things I regretted because I didn't get enough bravery to go dance with foxplay or single speed cheetah for the second year in a row >.>, but I may get enough courage next year, I better have >.>. Well after the dance I went up to the last of the few parties that went on to see that I found a room with foxplay in it, lucky me ^^. I chatted with him as we watch anime and drinked a little, till I started nodding off and notice that I wasn't around where others where twice I decided to go to bed, and rooming with Yager that night I found the beds where full so I slept on the little sofa the room had, yay me :p.

Tuesday: I woke up early, and started doing power naps since the room was alive with action with the furs that where leaving early to catch there flight, after about waking up a few more times a fur notice I was in the room, found that amusing since I was just sitting on the chair nodding off the whole time. When I finally woke up the room was empty. So I got up and started to wash up in getting ready for the day, not really rushing since my flight didn't leave for hours. When I was done packing all the my stuff and set I notice the room wasn't empty considering fursuits still sat around, and two furs sitting in the room :p. After they all packed up and found a working room key we went over to Dennies for breakfast, on my way back to the hotel I get a phone call saying that my flight was canceled till Wednesday, considering that it was around that time where furs start getting the after con depression so I took that pretty hard, but I held strong, and I thought I was weak. So I rescheduled a one stop flight to San Diego then Chicago, starting to feel a little better as I chatted with a few furs and and found Royal Dog that I hung with the night before, one of the few furs that have yet to leave. and talked with him for a couple hours before Frost and Blaze showed up, I talked to them about our flights being canceled and letting them borrow my phone to reschedule there flight, so now we have an even longer wait before we catch our flight so I went back to wandering, amused at how quiet the place because now that the con was finally over. Meeting up with Saebian a fur I chat to online, and I only stumbled on him by chance but still it was nice meeting him that was quickly interrupted since it was time for him to go. Soon after we headed out and started to head to the airport, heading though the metal detectors Frost was wearing his trick pants so that made it an interesting go about, having all the fun with getting searched while me and Blaze wait patiently. It was a smooth flight, and we got an awesome few of the pacific ocean, at first I though it was just a bright bundle of clouds but once we got away from the clouds it was still there. When we landed I get another call telling me that my flight to Chicago will be delayed, more good news huh... When we landed in Diego the weather there was great, and at that point I wanted to move out there instantly, and the journey over to the second airport we had to go though another trial of baggage check and Frost gets to get frisk again as Blaze and I wait patiently again, leave it to Frost to have all the fun :p. So as we waited for the flight Blaze and I bought a shot glass, we decided to start collecting them when we go to a new state, Pittsburgh will be next :D. well as the hours started to wind down to our flight began we began to line up and Blaze dialing all the furs he could think to pick us up from the air port, I'm going to enjoy seeing my next phone bill. In the end he convinced Pepper to pick us up from the air port, so on the flight back it was the first time I've ever seen a near empty flight when the assistant said we are allowed to sit anywhere we like, considering it was about only 15-20 people on the plane. Other than me getting the after con depression again on the way back with the loneliness feeling and waking up to one of my ears feeling death till I popped it back out and a shaky landing that made me nervous we finally got back to Chicago.

That my friends was my FC adventure, with action suspense and not much romance because of my intimately shy behavior sadly ^^;. I'm hoping I will get over it so I can be more relaxed when I'm around others and not so tense when things like that were to happen. And I would like to thanks Pepper for picking us up, much love to you. Also I'll be looking forward to seeing some of you at Antrocon ^^
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