KensterFox (kensterfox) wrote in furcon,

Final Con Report (Don't watch CSI)

This was a triumph.

I'm making a note here - huge success.

It's hard to overstate my satisfaction.

Further Confusion.

We do what we must because we can.

For the good of all of us

Except for Vanity Fair.

But there's no use crying over every bad mag.

Though that Sex2K episode was a drag.

Still, we had a great con

Where the TVs weren't on

For all those who don't watch CSI.

I'm not even standing.

I am just so wiped out right now.

After five days, my feet are trying to kill me.

And tear me to pieces.

It seemed like I walked to Hell and back.

As they burned, I smiled because I was so busy and glad.

Now we've waited in that registration line

At least Masquerade and FNL were on time!

So I'm glad my feet burned

And my TV got spurned

'Cause we just don't watch CSI.

Go ahead and leave now.

I think that it's time to close it down.

Maybe you'll find somewhere else just as good.

Maybe AnthroCon.

THAT WAS A JOKE, HA HA, fat chance.

Anyway, this con was great, but we're finished for now.

Look at me here talking when there's planning to do.

And if your name's Frysco, then I'm glad I'm not you.

He's got meetings to be run

There is setup to be done

So that we can have FC09!

And believe me, there's FC09!

Just twelve months until FC09!

I can't wait until FC09!

And so we will all be here in 09!

And so we will see you all in 09!

In 09!

In 09!
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