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FC was awesome (as always)

well I'm home safely, though flying into chicago was hairy the clouds didn't break until about 1000+ metres above ground.

FC was my both a first and second for me. a first as it was my first con in suit, and a second as it was my second time at FC.

I had an insane amount of fun, though I missed out on alot of the dances, raves and FNL, I'd go to get a rest from suiting for twenty minutes or so to rest my feet and I'd go and fall asleep x_X.

but the times I had when I was concious were awesome, I had a laugh at the fursuiting panel, though despite my having my suit there with me and my freinds egging me on to join in when it came to folk asking the suiters questions nervousness and stagefright hit me like a ton of bricks and I relegated myself to the back of the room X3.

the fursuit parade was a big event for me and I think one of the longest times I spent in suit at the con, though waiting at the elevators afterward got too much for me and I resorted to decapitating myself to cool down.

Sunday was a fun day as well as I spent most of the day suiting on and off while also playing around with the halo guns I bought earlier in the day, I lost count of the photos, though I would LOVE to see the photos of me holding up Wonka, that cracked me up.

the only really bad thing about the trip was the journey home, I got to the baggae carousel only to find my fursuit box had started to disintegrate, thankfully my fursuit was fine.

either way much love and respect to the staff and everyone else at FC, I cannot wait for next year.

I also found myself leaving the con with more freinds then I did when I started and that's always a good thing.

if anyones got photos and what have you please please get in touch and show me :3.

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