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Further Confusion 2008 Report

FC was spectacular, and from what I gathered:

Furry Night Live was awesome beyond belief, the Taiko performance was beautiful.  The most of the skits stuck to the theme and the extras were awesome.  Blazger was in a couple of them too.  Lucky bastard....I mean, Love you =-_^=

The dances was good overall.  Just don't come at me with pitch forks and flame tourches.  My view:  Friday - good start but iffy at the end.  Saturday -  was busy for the most patt.  Sunday - Electro/distortion has a good beat to it.  Dead Dog Monday - couple of  odd balls but the rest ROCKED!!!

The Video Game Room got a real good selection.  Furs brought SSBM and Guitar Hero of course.  But there was also Rock Band, Naruto Shippuden import for PS2 which kicks ass, Halo 3 (though it was barely played) and Virtua Fighter 5 for X-box 360 which got a huge watch too.  Yes, there is nothing like kicking the shit out of people with Jacky Bryant while listening to some furries playing and singing the lyrics to South Park's TIMMY!!!!  (Well, I put up a good fight.  Still need more practice)

The Taiko drum performers also kicked things off with the fursuit parade too instead of the jukebox Disney's "Electro Parade" we always hear.  Although the Critteralympics got canceled with the three days of rain, I've managed to show off my Hitsugaya (yeah, no white hair) outfit off in the parade, photo shoots (and out of suit too pretending to be Ichigo), and in the BWM (Black and White Mafia).  By the way, THREE HUNDRED SIXTY-FOUR!  OH MY GOD!!!!
(That's what I keep hearing)

Monday was the best, even though nothing much happened, it was finally sunny outside!  Though I could be wrong about nothing going on.  There happened to be a certain red fursuit that looks exactly like JD Puppy and decided to take a quick dip in the pool =-_^=  The rest of us managed to get in suit and look pretty on the "lawn" chairs and walkway.  Dead Dog ruled, even if some of the music choices were bad from others opinions, it was still cool none the less.  Come on.  What better way to end the night then 3 hours of fursuit dancing and conga line finish with 30 minutes left.  Just to listen to the remix of Sesame Street while saying your last goodbyes to your fellow furs.

I've meet a hell of a lot of new furs that know me from second life and on FA that I've never really got to know this time around. So I apologize if I seemed too distant or acting a little odd while I was trying to remember who you are.  Kitty brain FTW right?  I've managed to travel with a pack of cubs with Corsi.  It was awesome all around.  Even though they bugged the hell out of Blazger to no end.  To finally make this long story short, FC is definitely the con I want to go to now.

*Post the pictures soon*


*FC report and arrival rant x-posted to my LJ*

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