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Michael J Fox

Of Foxies and Pools (Updated! The Suit is Okay)

I managed to catch some video of a pair of irresponsible suiters swimming in the pool at FC08.
Video Here:

Edity Goodness:
Someone PM'ed me and pointed out that I look suspiciously similar to the fox in the video. I'm shocked, I say...

PS: It weighs 150-200 pounds extra on the way out of the pool... I had a hard time getting it down to 50 pounds so I could pack it to take it home ...

Soo, the suit was shampoo'd and conditioned, wrung out in the spin cycle, and then fluffed in the drier with no head (two cycles one way, then flipped inside out, and one more cycle). It's ... very soft and poofy. Seriously. I thought Jugular was sort of joking in the comments on fursuitlounge. He isn't.

The suit gained ~1.5" measure between the shoulder and the crotch, and the legs gained about 1" of additional circumference from stretching, in addition to (possibly) another inch or two of length. It's hard to tell, due to the loosened shoulder/crotch, how much of the leg length change is actually in the legs :)

Overall, this took a "fit to my body snugly" suit, and made it feel like a "comfy" suit. I could always re-tailor it to remove the extra, but I think I'll leave it for now. :)

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