M.W.Wonka (svashtar) wrote in furcon,

I'm finally coherent, so I will do my best to piece together the bits and pieces.

I arrived early Thursday. After a minor SNAFU with my name not being on the reservation for the hotel and getting that all sorted out by a quick "HELP ME NAO PLZ" message to the other person on the reservation from LiveJournal (I heart you, Interwebz, and owe you big time, Kohvu), the_wendigoand I spent an interminable amount of time waiting for registration to open so I could get my badge. I met a new friend there, and we kept ourselves entertained. Orim, you're the coolest.  I'm glad we could entertain you during our terminal furry time in line.

Furcon folks in charge:  do us a favor: do not ever give fuzzygothgirla bullhorn again. My ears are still ringing!

As most of the convention was a blur, I'm just hitting on the highlights of the fun: farraptor!!! It was great dancing with you. terraluna_bat!!! It was the highlight of my night seeing you RARRING in Noodles. You are ten billion shades of awesome. foofers!!! I will probably never forgive you for Naughty Cake. I'm still hallucinating.  At least I suffered no ill effects, apart from seeing the carpet move. I'm also amazed flipperanubiwas able to eat the whole thing AND go dancing afterwards. To britgeekgrrl, thanks for the Absynthe.  wolfen_dancer, you, me and commodoremarieneed to start a commune.

If you saw the little purple and blue asian twisty tail dragon, that was me (Malochai). 

If you saw Wonka rave and took photos, please send them to me at mllefoo at yahoo dot com.  Heck, if you took photos of Wonka or Malochai, just send me the photos, please.  

It was great (re)meeting all of the folks on my flist.  You made me feel like a celebrity.

And to the two people who heckled me, you really shouldn't mumble.  I couldn't understand a thing you were saying.
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