January 19th, 2011


FC FUN!!! (an analysis)

I had a magnificent time at my first ever Further Confusion! :D Thank you to all my friends who made it possible!

katalina  katalina xuncu  xuncu steviemaxwell  steviemaxwell dorallizard  dorallizard slyknuxdragon  slyknuxdragon buckhopper  buckhopper dakotabailey  dakotabailey chibiknight  chibiknight farallon  farallon reese  reese mongooseink  mongooseink rourkie  rourkie belicbear  belicbear clementinefox  clementinefox

+ everyone else I forgot who I hung out with and/or got to meet! :D


Karaoke (with Belic and Kata'lina). - What an awesome time that I didn't expect! I peeked in and saw Belic and was like HEY BELIC! Then we hung out and waited pretty much the whole night to sing the Ramones "Blitzkrieg Bop". The karaoke itself was actually really poorly run, with skipping songs, faulty mics, lyrics and sound engineering, but it was still a lot of fun. I also sang Sublime - "Santeria" in suit and surprised a lot of people. No Tenacious D though, dammit! (They didn't have it >,<)

Voice Over Panel (with Buck Hopper and the FBA Crew). - Always a fun time! Even if I did have to wake up at 9am to make it there. -__- Always one of my favorite times at a con (that B-Hop attends ^^)

FBA Panel (What little I attended thanks to scheduling conflicts and me waking up late).

Fursuit Games (even though I was really tired and not my typical energetic self). They were definitely fun, though quite chaotic. I normally don't mind the cheating because we're trying to entertain the crowd, but this one was just bonkers. I kinda like competing to see if my team can win, but we can't do that when every team (including ours) was cheating so much. As a result, I don't even know who won, but I know it wasn't us. Yet it was still a lot of fun to be a part of anyway.

FBA PARTY!!! - No explanation needed. Pure awesome and win. 5 hours worth. And booze was had for the first time all con.
Playing with a sandwich in suit - Ok, so rukario  rukario gave me a sandwich while I was in suit, and I had some interaction with a staff member who was trying to take my sandwich! This was when I had the most fun while in suit and felt the most like myself, since for some reason I felt a little out of it while in suit this con. Not up to my usual standard of performance, in my opinion. I think I might have talked too much in suit this con and felt a little too reserved at times. I need to get back to being more animated and outgoing and "anything goes!" and stuff.

Prints - I didn't have much to spend, but I did get a few prints from kacey  kacey, darknatasha  darknatasha, michelelight  michelelight and shinigamigirl  shinigamigirl, some of my absolute favorite artists. It was totally worth it because they make me smile each time I look at them and I'm going to frame most of them soon. ^^

All the time spent hanging with friends, especially steviemaxwell  steviemaxwell and  slyknuxdragon  slyknuxdragon, whom I spent a lot of time with. Though I really wanted to spend more time with buckhopper  buckhopper and dakotabailey  dakotabailey and farallon  farallon and a few others because the little bit of time we spent together was so fun, but it wasn't easy to meet up. Next time when I'm not in a separate hotel, it will be easier.

Helping  slyknuxdragon  slyknuxdragon fursuit on Sunday. Yes, that's right, I let him borrow my suit and confused a bunch of people. XD Quite a lot thought he was me, and some that know what I look like would see him then look at me and go "...Wait..." It was pretty fun. ^^

Watching katalina  katalina get a ton of positive attention for her suit and wardrobe made me smile. ^^ There was even a time we were walking to our hotel in suit (she was in suit, I wasn't fully suited) and a bunch of young girls stop her and ask for hugs. Then she starts educating them about snow leopards while they all stand in a little cluster around her, looking up at her. "The snow leopard is one of the smallest of the big cats," she mewed cutely at the girls while they looked up excitedly at her. That was so cute! Kat is progressing very well as a fursuiter, in stamina, performance and noteriety, and she deserves all the positive attention she gets. *cuddles a mew*

Not so cool:

PAY FOR PARKING!!! >:[ I got a steal Saturday and Sunday when the gate opened automatically for me at 4 am with no attendant, but I got busted for $20 (almost another $6 for the 1 1/2 hours from 4:30 am to 6 am the previous morning but I talked them out of that). I could have paid $7 at the lot next to the Mariott but I thought I'd get a better deal by leaving before 3 pm. I was wrong.

Sleep - I never went to bed before 6 am. Thurs I slept 5 hours, Fri - 2 1/2 hours. Sat - 3 hours. Sun - 2 1/2 hours. Add to that that I stayed up all night Wed night before because I was packing and printing stuff, took a 1 1/2 hour nap, then drove for 9 hours. I was pretty damn exhausted. Luckily it didn't drag me down too horribly much once things got going.

Scheduling Conflict - There were only a few events I really really wanted to attend. The FBA panel, the Voice Over Panel, and the Critterlympics (Fursuit Games). Well, two of those three things overlapped. The FBA Panel started 30 minutes before the Critterlympics. I had planned to show up to the panel in suit for 30 minutes then skip off to the games, but I got up a little late and couldn't suit up in time. And I had already signed up for the games, so I went to that. Surprisingly, the panel was still going on after the games had ended, so I peeked in for that and got a warm welcome, then got to experience at least some of it. There was also the FBA party later on in the night, which I definitely made it for the whole thing and enjoyed myself. ^^

Magic Ruining - I am a stickler for not ruining the magic by taking off the suit or showing flesh (not a big deal about talking, though I think I need to scale that back, because I kinda talked a lot more than I'd like in suit this con). But I was almost late for the fursuit parade and had to rush into my suit. Therefore I didn't get a chance to pin my feet on (it's loose around the ankles and slides down) or put on the elastic bands that keep my paws on. So for most of that fursuiting session I was constantly tucking in my feet and paws and generally feeling bad that I was showing skin all the time. I also had to carry my head back from the main hotel to the one I was staying in because it wouldn't fit in my bag and I didn't feel like suiting back, and somebody said YOU'RE RUINING THE MAGIC! and looked genuinely offended. I know it's no big deal really, but I felt bad anyways, like I compromised my suiting standards or something.

Standing - For an hour in the sun after the parade waiting for the big fursuit picture to be taken finally. I was fine physically, but very self aware about my slipping footpaws and wanting to fix them and do more suiting in the hotel. Kat wasn't feeling too good either, and might have overheated in about 15 more minutes. :(

Different Hotel - We stayed at the Mariott, which in and of itself wasn't bad. Just the 10 minute trek to the hotel from the main one every time we wanted to do anything got old after a while. Didn't really feel much like being in the public eye (outside of the hotel) for this con for some reason. Maybe it's because I was usually in a rush and had somewhere I was late to. Or was kinda tired or something. I dunno.

The Hellfire Challenge Aftermath - So rourkie  rourkie posted some pics on twitter ( http://twitpic.com/3r0nkl - http://twitpic.com/3r0ohr ) from the Hellfire Challenge I took at Smoke Eaters on Monday. The very same one that the guy on Man vs. Food took (except he only had to eat 6 wings... which I actually did). The challenge was to eat 12 of the hottest wings around in 10 minutes. My problem was I am not a speed eater (I'm the slowest ever really) and I don't eat that much in general (I would have probably taken a couple of wings home even if they weren't deathly spicy). So I didn't beat the challenge, but I did eat 7 1/2 wings in 10 minutes, which is good for me. They actually weren't the hottest wings I've ever had, and I did enjoy eating them. But because I ate them so fast I had pretty bad stomach pain for most of the night and... I ... kinda........... threw up a few hours later. v___v Though I'm absolutely positive I could have finished the challenge if I was allowed to eat at my own pace and not drink any water or whatever. Just eating it all so fast killed me.

Really in all fairness it wasn't the perfect con, but it was damn good! The fact that there were the most FBA fans and friends in one place ever was too freakin' awesome! I think FC should be dubbed THE FBA con that all FBA'ers should try to attend each year! That or FurFright. ;)

Hope everyone enjoys their FBA magnets and stickers, and that the FBA ballots were fun enough for everyone! Next time hopefully there will be more stuff, and I'm certain every team will have a logo package by then. ;)

Also, if anyone has or can find any photos or video of me, katalina  katalina or  slyknuxdragon  slyknuxdragon in my suit (that would be anytime Sunday after the Fursuit Games ^^) please let me know! I stupidly forgot my camera battery charger and my camera died literally a few minutes after I started taking pictures. Therefore I really don't have any of me. So yeah, if you have some, let me know. ^^

See you all at the next one! :D

Skuff - Rock Paws

FC variety show video? Anyone?

Hi folks! I know, I wasn't at this year's FC. My knee & work killed that for me. *cue violins* However, I DID send a video in my place. It was shown during the variety show, it was called "Nothings On". I'm wondering if anyone has video of the skit being played, I really want to hear the audience reaction to it. Yeah, it's egotistical, but if I can't be there, it's the next best thing.

And my knee is doing "better", in that I'm walking with just my cane currently. The brace I wore in the video isn't a prop, it's how I was walking / going to work for 2 or so weeks there. Don't ask, it's a mess...
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FC 2011 "Nothings On" video sketch

(I know, I posted before, but now I put the vid onine, so here ya go)

So for FC 2011 I submitted a video sketch, and this is what came of it. I wanted to make more of as statement than just have random "cute animal" clips, so this isn't like the other vids in the past. It's got pieces from various news sources over the years, good and bad, all sourced in the youtube page. I tried to clip it to 3 minutes, but with my bad acting, it was a touch longer... Ahh well, that's still acceptable in furry terms.

I'm looking for someone who might have video of the audience reaction to this one, I really want to see / hear their reaction to this piece.

(X-posting to my LJ and furcon)
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NeonBunny Media Dump

Had an amazing time at FC this year, thanks so much for all those on staff who work so hard to make it happen, plus all the awesome furs who go out there.

Have some different media to share with folks this year.

In particular, I picked up a camera that does time lapse photography, and compiled a couple time lapse videos.  Finally got around to compiling and uploading them, and want to share with people.

One is all hallway shots, which for me, mingling in the hallways and saying hi to random acquaintances is one of the highlights of any convention.  Some of you may have seen my camera stuck to a wall.  No, it wasn't a security camera.  I kept it in plane view so people could see it and interact with it.  Nope, not a security camera.  If you're worried about those, then you probably already know that you were most likely filmed by the hotels security camera everywhere.  This, was for art and for fun.

What saddened me the most was my attempt to film the fursuit parade in time lapse.  Found the perfect spot, with perfect lighting, camera all set to go, fursuits approaching, and dang, why won't it record.  Oh, SD card left elsewhere in my laptop...  Perhaps next year.

Follow this link to see video on youtube from the hotel hallways, Saturday daytime, Sunday daytime and night.

I also shot two short time lapse (well, 20 minutes crammed into 4 seconds).

Time Lapse cats playing in the hallway

Time lapse poi spinners outside

And this one was alot of fun to make.  Time lapse involves putting the camera and sticking around for a long time where I can keep an eye on it.  I was scheduled to dj the Saturday night dance, and did so from 1am-2:30am, so put the camera up near the stage where it would record myself as well as dancers on stage and off.  1.5 hours time lapsed into a 3 minute segment.  I'd also set the camera up on the dance floor earlier in the night and danced around it for a half hour or so, so combined that into the same video at the end.

Dj NeonBunny Saturday night time lapse video

As well, I recorded the full audio from that set.  It might not be as refined as some of the other dj sets released.  Mine wasn't pre-built in advance, I didn't practice the set song for song, cue for cue weeks in advance, didn't record what you are about to hear on a laptop or at home.  I prefer to pick a song or two to start with, maybe have a new disk with all my favorite new stuff burned, and refine the set for how people are reacting on the dance floor.  If it's working, keep with that, if not, switch it up.  No commitment to songs picked out a month ago.

Making you furs dance is such a highlight for me, and I love seeing you all dance.  Thanks to all those who stuck it out till the end, and danced the night away.  I love you all.

Ok, MP3 recording of Dj NeonBunny live at Further Confusion, 2011.

And if you liked this music, you can always hear more of my stuff on my web site.  And for those of you local to the bay area, see you at Frolic next month!!!
beastcub beast fursuit

Is the con moving?

I heard it was moving to the convention center down the street, is this true?

 I have been there for Fanime and the place is huge and has a hotel connected to the first and second floor on either end  (and the Hilton has fridges in the room)  it has an ideal outdoor hang out by the fountain and my friend loves the stairs.

The cons to the move  would be it is not in the middle of so much activity so fursuiters like me whos highlight of the Fairmont was hanging outside entertaining mundanes may feel the new location is lacking in that respect. (though those who liked how private the Double Tree was will like this change) Also the food joints and ice rink will now be a 5-10 minute walk away VS right outside the door, and I will miss how "compact" the con is as everything will be spread out more at the convention center, at the Fairmont you can easily just sit out of the way some place to rest and still enjoy the con because so much happens around you.

I also hope the date would not change due to a move to the convention center, I am lucky to have a large local con the weekend before FC and if FC got moved up I would be torn on which to attend...(I also hope this other con does not move instead...a con overlap is a worry of mine every year)

Even if this is just a rumor and the con is not moving this year I imagine it will end up at the convention center some day.
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Seen this KwiK cheetah? ^^

See this cheetah at FC?

Just looking for anymore pictures and even better, video of myself in suit roaming around the convention and at the dances! ^^ Share! :D

I'm also hoping for video of the dance competition with full body view!

Furcon was awesome and I am glad I was able to attend, it's sure to be a convention I will go to again and again!
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Did you meet any of these cuties this weekend?

Another "looking for pictures" post! I'm part of Northsound over on FurAffinity, and we're looking for any pictures folks got of plushies created with the Northsound plushie pattern this weekend.

If your pictures are on FA, let us know so we can +fav it over there with the Northsound account, too!

And if you want to make your own plush, just download the totally free pattern linked above, all we ask is that you don't make money off of it, and show us a picture when you're done. :)

All of the Northsound plushies together!


FC 2011 Fursuit Parade Pics

 Hello Furs!

I sat in the hallway as fursuiters came striding past and I got great pictures of many of you (over 500 shots!).  I posted them all at http://photos.sinkclog.net. If you would like a full resolution photo straight from my camera, send me a message or email me. My mail (ein at sinkclog.net) is broken right now, so wait a day or two from the time of this post if you are going email me directly :/ .

Some of the photos turned out poorly. It is my fault, not yours! I posted those ones anyway at lower resolution with the hope that you can find everyone you were looking for.

FC 2011 photos FINALLY on Ultra-Gor's gallery!

They would've been posted sooner if I wasn't such a &*%$ perfectionist and had to touch up all 264 of them! Please help me out, and if you recognize someone, please put a comment under the photo so I can give credit where credit is due! Go here to see all of the glorious suiters:


Gorilla-Hugs to all!
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FC: Unleashed Videos!

Hi kids!

Sprout here!

Many thanks to inaki for throwing these up on YouTube for us!

Here is the Intro video for FC: Unleashed 2011 as well as the Furry PSA video :)

Once we get more vids, pics, etc. in we'll post them! :)

Also, we're working on the blooper reel for these two vids and will post it as soon as it's done :) (That's where you'll see the Shatner version of the Furry PSA!)

Thanks again to everyone for making the show rock!