February 15th, 2008

Marci FC '06

Looking for Yippe Coyote

I do apologize for posting here, but can anyone point me to an email address for Yippee Coyote?  I've been searching for a half hour online for contact info and can't find it, and this is the only place I can think of where I might get in touch.  Mine is thrashbear@yahoo.com  Thanks in advance.
Kiteless Default

Official 2008 Further Confusion Masquerade Download Torrent

Hey all, before you download the torrent please read all of this. First off I want to encourage you to link to this post here in furcon from your LJ. Torrents work best when LOTS of people have not only downloaded it, but keep the torrent going as long as they can. Also if you happen to have access to oodles of bandwidth and feel like hosting it, PLEASE DO!

Some information about the file. Edited in Final Cut Express 4, the video is 1280x720 (720p) resolution, in the Divx format. You will need a somewhat fast computer to play this because it is such a high res file. If you have a PlayStation 3, the latest firmware will play Divx files, as well. "GAWD why did you choose Divx!?" you ask? Well honestly it encoded the fastest on my little MacBook. It is a long boring, annoying, story as to why I was forced to use a laptop to render high definition video.

The video source for the right camera was from orcakeiko 's 720p JVC GY-HD110U. The right camera was from Tigerwaynes professional Sony XDCAM Camera, it records at 1080p. Sorry I have no idea what the model number is. The back camera was also Waynes, but I was only able to get the FCTV feed before it went out to the hotel TV's in standard definition.

Anyway, bottom line, please keep your torrent running as long as you can after it is done. I hope you enjoy it, I had a lot of fun editing it. It is not perfect, there are a couple transitions that I messed up, but I am still happy with it. Thank you and feedback is always appreciated.


Some helpful links:

Divx for Mac and PC.

Video LAN Player - Mac & PC

This Divx file confirms to the DivX "High Definition Certified Profile".

Thanks all for reading,

- Kiteless Dragon
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