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Further Confusion's Journal
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Saturday, February 9th, 2008

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FC Photos
Here are the pics I took while running around the Doubletree Hotel, all cleaned up and ready for viewing.  Enjoy!

FCTV FNL 2008 (with audience sound track!)
I have put the final touches on FNL 2008. This is essencially the copy we aired on FCTV. It's not awesome quality, but is better than YouTube quality, and I've added the audience sound track that was not present on FCTV when we broadcasted it. It's also in stereo, which the hotel's TVs were not.

It also features an updated version of "Guest of Honor", the first video that played at FNL.

This is in MPEG-4 carrier, AVC1 video codec @ 1MBit, 720x480x29.97fps, and AAC audio (128k).

I am using BitTorrent to distribute it. It is covered under this Creative Commons License


FNL 2008.mp4.torrent

Comments welcome.

FCTV 2008 Lead

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