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Further Confusion's Journal
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Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

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Dragonscales studio photos posted
The photos from the brown/red backdrop near the fursuit lounge have now been posted on http://www.dragonscales.com/gallery under 'Photoshoots' - 'FC2008'

Let me know if there are any issues!
Tracking Tag Failure (Updated: Tag #57)
The animal pictured below has managed to dislodge its tracking tag due to persistent scratching, and aquatic sessions.
Photographs and Video evidence found!
I'm willing to make a token contribution to the FC Tag and Release program to get #57 re-tagged, so that his migrations and matings will receive appropriate attention.
Can anyone from Tag and Release comment on the feasibility of such?
Likewise, if anyone finds tag #57, I'll be sure to affix it in a much more painful and not-removable way next time. Poor thing thinks it has a chance to be anonymous! hah!


The only evidence so far:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8Clrg6fSIc shows one attached, although 0:27-0:40 is not quite clear enough to determine which. (seems to be picture-forward).

Edit #1:
Additional evidence has surfaced!
Here he is, cleverly hiding the tag from our daring cameraman!

The camermaman gets so close to those animals!
One of them looks to be a trained ninja canine warrior!
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Edit #2:
But wait! Our CSI-forensics team has ENHANCED the video! The case has been broken! Our fox is Tag #57!

And here's the full frame, without zoom.
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Cute Cuddly Foxes =)
I got some footage of Wildfire, Loriana, and Nuku in the halls at FC after the Fox Panel. Thanks nukufox for editing and uploading the clip.

x-posted to fursuitlounge and my own journal

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Still seeking photos/videos
I was battling the blob one of the nights at FC and I -know- people took photos and video. Please come forth and post them? *puppy eyes*

Any other photos of me appreciated, too. ^^

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