February 3rd, 2008

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More Further Confusion Pictures

My Further Confusion pictures are at: http://bcfurries.com/gallery2/main.php?g2_itemId=24067

If you or your art are in any in the gallery and you want them removed, message me privately and I'll remove them.

Also, WikiFur is building a list of Convention resources; if you want to add a link to your own photos, videos, or con reports, you can here:

FC08 Fortunes!

Kudos to those that thought of the idea of giving us Fortune Cookies with little furry paper fortune strips. Please post your fortune...(no cheating for those involved with the creation)

#01 Confucius say, Fur softest on belly and tail.
#02 You will have a bark and furry night!
#03 You are about to be petted.
#04 Help! I'm trapped in a fursuit factory!
#05 Look out behind you!
#06 You're about to get your nose licked.
#07 With sketchbook in hand, choose wisely.

Keep them coming and see you all at FC09 (Strutting My Nine Lives!...La vida loca nueve vidas)

P! out.
(Fish Clip Agent#004 FC007)
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Donations for fans by me. :)

Hey all. :) If some of you wolud like to help me with funding for the fans I brought for the fursuit lounge. Here is my Paypal ID below. Any amount would be greatly appreciated. :) Thanks. 

Paypal ID: bill1010@hotmail.com

Edit: If you can't pay by Paypal. You can send a check payment to me at.

William Di Fazio
P.O. Box 1581
Fallbrook, CA. 92088 U.S.A.

 - S

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FC Con Report!!!

Hey everyone. I'm going to do my con report a little differently. I set up my thoughts kinda in outline format. I'm going to apologize ahead of time as I met a whole lot of people, and memory is a little foggy after the con and stuff. I'd love for people to message me, here through LJ, possibly give me contact info so I can keep in touch with everyone. I've been rather busy after the con. Collapse )

So that is my con report in a nutshell. I hope you all enjoyed. I know I may not have mentioned everyone by name and stuff, please forgive my bad memory and stuff. I do hope to see you all again very soon at another con. I hope to keep in touch with new friends made, and hope to keep in better touch with everyone in general. Hope you all enjoyed my report. ^_^

If anyone has other vids, please let me know and stuff! ^_^
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