February 2nd, 2008

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Been away 10 years

FC2008 was my first con in 10 years.

What a difference a decade makes!

Bottom line impression: you have created an absolutely phenomenal convention. I was completely blown away by what I experienced there.

Ten years on, everything in furry seems to have advanced a quantum leap forward: especially the fursuits. There were maybe 40-50 fursuits at ConFurence 9. To have there be more than 400 at FC is just positively mindblowing to me. And the quality! At least a quarter of the fursuits I saw could have been a 1st place costume contest winner at the old cons I went to. Just incredible artistry and imagination. *applauds*

That hotel amazed me, too. BY FAR the best furry con venue I've ever seen. That central dining area with the long walkway running alongside was truly awesome for fursuit- and people-watching. Something like that's a huge plus for a gathering place for a highly visual genre like furry.

Y'know, almost the whole time I was there, I kept thinking – I found furry fandom years too soon. What it is right now is what I always had hoped it would be way back then, but never really quite was. I'm so glad I lived to see my most fond furry dreams come true at long last...

Thank you so much! Really, you can't imagine how much this experience meant to me. ^^
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Elevators of doom!

Pix thanks to dormafox

Wow the Elevators wasn't just bad this year, they were down right scary. Number 7, the one pictured here, not only would suddenly drop without warning, it actually tried to crush a fursuitist!

As the convention moved on we noticed strange shit with the others as well. So much so that we named the elevators according to there personality.

The one pictured here we named Psychotic for the reasons stated above.

Next to it was "Moody" (number 6) as it had a habit of ignoring your request and passing up your floor.

There was number 5,  "Grumpy" who use to moan and whine and would shut the door so quick you would sometimes get cut off from friends.

And the last one,  (number 4) the furthest into the hotel we called "Happy" because no matter what his brothers did he just went up and down with nary a whimper or whine, just happy to do his job.


I tried my darnest to be tagged at FC, but I just wasn't in the right place at the right time. Did anyone get the little blue tag while in fursuit that wouldn't mind trading it for an icon or a conbadge? I've collected them from AC06&07, FF07 and I'd like on for FC, as I'm not going to be attending anymore.

Thanks in advance, guys!
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Best FurCon EVAR!!!

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Thank you all so much!

This was the best furcon EVAR for me (and my 5th time attending.) I was delighted to be asked to DJ for the Friday night fursuit dance - looking out over the dance floor to see 'suiters and other folks happily bopping around was a huge thrill!

Another first for me was speaking on a panel. (From Your Mom to the Media - talking about the furry subculture with non-participants.) It went really well and we're planning to offer it for next year as well.

Vending at the Bunnywarez table took up most of my days, but it was a lot of fun chatting with people and I especially enjoyed seeing some of our stuff returning to FC with folks who'd bought it previously. I am always grateful for the support our little business receives. We started out just over two years ago, thinking we'd have fun and hopefully make back a bit of what it costs to attend the con - and in the past two years it has grown into a full-time, real business for us. We LOVE what we do and are full of new ideas for the future! Thanks so much for all of your support and encouragement! We literally would not be doing this if it wasn't for FC.

It wouldn't be FC without all the awesome peeps who come out every year. I love catching up with friends and meeting rad new folks. Personally that's probably the best part of all for me. Thanks for all the hugs!

And finally, I have to say: the theme! The Fur East! This was an ENORMOUS thrill to me because I suggested this idea, two years ago in 2006! When it didn't get picked for '07 I figured that was it, wasn't going to happen... and then, W00T! It was AMAZING walking around the con and seeing ideas I'd suggested actually happening (taiko drummers, dragon dancers) as well as fabulous ideas like the fortune cookies which were a total surprise. I'm thinking about what to suggest for next time, but it's gonna be tough topping Fur East.

Thank you all so much for helping me realize these dreams! I can hardly wait to see what the future holds!
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pics out there?

hey all out there im all settled back in after the con now but im abit dissapointed i need abit more pics and would love to get pics of myself in suit either in mid hugg with others or just bumming around either in here or my mail skunk-man@hotmail.com
ps love to hear from anyone for that sake ^_^

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