February 1st, 2008


back from Further Confusion

(x-posted to FA and my personal elJay)

hey FC,

Beetlejuice and I arrived back from California about... oh... an hour ago?

We took an extra couple days post-con for shenanigans. Too bad we were both sick for most of it. Still a fun trip though.

Due to unforseen circumstances friday evening (which i will get to in a seperate entry), and coming down with con crud DURING the con, I ended up taking home a few more badges than normal.

For this, I apologize. I'd like to get all of that work taken care of as soon as possible, because it's never my intention to take work home with me at all.

I've created a new email address for business purposes, LikeshineArt@gmail.com, and if I owe you something from the con, please drop me a line there so we can talk.

My previous email address, evergreenshine@gmail.com, will still be active, but I'd like to keep business things and personal things more separate.

Please update your address books accordingly ;)

The issue that plagued us Friday evening is an important one, and I'll be making a separate entry to this community regarding that. It's a common sense thing, but still something I'd like to talk about.

Thanks everyone for an amazing con, FC is always my favorite stop on the con trail, and Beetlejuice always has a blast with you guys. Pictures of my Ghost with the Most are always muchly appreciated too :)
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FC Parade Photos

Sorry for camera flashing everyone... again!
Please e-mail me if anything needs to be removed

Here are the parade photos I said I'd post.  All 386 of them
I think i got everyone that passed by the Hotel's gift shop area.

Further Confusion 2008

I Decided to photograph the parade in suit then jump in at the end.
I'd say most of the images came out well.
I will also post them on http://fursuit.timduru.org/view/ Later

Thanks to everyone for making this a great Con !!!
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very important

sorry for posting twice in one evening, everyone. but i think this one is important, and if i didn't think it would be important to pass along, i wouldn't bother you all again.

Please check out my entry here (also cross posted to my FA journal):

and pass it along if you can. Don't let the friendliness of a convention setting cause you to drop your guard.

Please be careful <3

Artist help!

I really need some help to identify an artist from FC. She was towards the right hand back of the dealers den. She was younger looking, slightly heavy but not huge, large baggy pants, and black hair with a green streak through it. Please help any way you can. She doesn't have my info and I dont have hers.

EDIT: She was sitting at or next to table 99 http://www.furtherconfusion.org/fc2008/dealers/dealermap
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Thanks to the Fursuit Lounge Crew!!

Thanks SO much for everyone on my Fursuit Lounge Crew!! We have one of the best Fursuit Lounges of ANY Convention out there! It's all due to you! My Goodness we were busy the WHOLE time of the con!

Luphinus, my second! - Thanks for dragging all the powdered drinks and making the fursuit-body hanger! Also for making sure ConOps knew when we were short on water (many times!)

Griffinwolf - WOW, dude, you totally rock!! You checked water and drinks like no one's business! Thank you for being the best communicator with TXT MSGing!!!

Rika Silverpaw - You were there EVERY time I was in the lounge! I especially thank you for being there during the most busy times like the FNL, Masquerade, and parade!

BW Silverpaw - Another awesome person who really helped with dragging those heavy water jugs around!

TH Squirrel - Thanks for making those awesome Head Dryers! Everyone loved them! I totally want FC to buy one of these from you! (laugh) with how many suiters we have, we need 'em!

There was one more person, who was not officially on my crew who deserves a big High-Five: Turin!! If you know this person, please let me know. I would like to definitely let him know that he was appreciated! He constantly was cleaning up around the lounge and making sure that everyone had their flavored drinks (and brought his own basket of them!)

A couple more thanks: MONDAY AFTERNOON: THANK YOU to the guys from the Logsitics team (I think?) and RockstarPup for helping me actually TEAR DOWN the upstairs Fursuit Lounge! My hip was really bothering me, and you guys really did a terrific job on getting stuff down to the Logistic's Room! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

If you guys have any Praises or Complaints about the Fursuit Lounge, PLEASE post them on the FC Forums: http://www.furtherconfusion.org/forums/

Thanks again everyone!
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Kootenay - Henrieke
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FC2009 FAQ

There's a number of questions we've received already about FC2009. We're still recovering from last weekend, catching up on sleep, etc, but here's a quick FAQ to answer some of your burning questions:

What was the attendance like for FC2008?
2,311 attendees, 226 of which were sponsors, and 87 were patrons.

How many fursuiters in the parade?
Our official count was 387.

Will there be a DVD for FC2008?
We'd like to have one, certainly. If you'd like to volunteer to help on this project, please contact us.

What are the dates for FC2009?
January 22nd-26th, 2009

We'll be back at the San Jose DoubleTree again.

Is there a theme yet?
No, not yet. If you have an idea for one, please pop over to our Forums.

When will hotel reservations open?
That's still to be determined, but - like this year - probably around April. We'll give you fair warning.

When do applications for the Dealer's Room open?
Likely around April again.

What about the Art Show?
Hopefully around the same time soon. It definitely will be a lot earlier than for this year.

Will the Art Show be first-come, first-served or juried?
We're going to be researching this one. Stay tuned.

Meetup tomorrow in SF!

Hey everyone, it was great meeting you all at FC!

There is a furry meetup in San Francisco tomorrow at a fun oxygen bar(should be interesting, lets get legally high! Yay!) And I thought some of you may be interested ;)

Here's the link: Furry Meet Up
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Lope's FC photos.

Further Confusion 2008 photos have been posted...

Just to let you all know that I have put up my photos for your enjoyment. There are just over 230 images, mostly of fur suits along with some extra airport and hotel shots. I apologize for further fragmenting the collections but I am more familiar with the site that I used. I hope I managed to catch most who were in suit this year but I know I missed a few. If you see yourself in one of the images feel free to point out where and what image. I posted this notification on my Fur Affinity page as well...

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08 t-shirts

When I went to buy a t-shirt at the con, all the small sizes were sold out, so I was unable to get one.
Will there be more for purchase later on? At the con store perhaps (If it gets working)? I'd love to buy a shirt like I was planning to, and I know quite a few other people were upset about the loss of their sizes D:
Thanks in advanced
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Video from FC2008.

For grins and giggles this morning I threw together some cuts from the video I took during the convention and uploaded them to the YouTubes. Enjoy!

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Just wanted to say that this year was my very first Further Confusion, and I enjoyed every second of it! :D

In case anyone was curious about the songs I played during the Sunday dance, you can check out the playlist here.

Looking for pics/vids...

Heyas everyone! OMG! FC was one of the most fun con experiences I have had in quite a long time. Let me say thanks first off to all the staff and the volunteers for making a wonderful con experience. I was in suit like almost half my time at the con, bouncing about and meeting new furs and hanging out with old friends. I even managed to get myself in at the masquarade. I myself will be posting up con pics and whatnot as I get them off my camera and resized and such.

For right now though I am looking for any and all pics and vids of me running around in suit. For any of you that didn't know, I was the bright pink husky with the emo-hair bouncing about. Koinu-kun was the badge name. I was the one that preformed and danced along to the DDR Butterfly song remix midway through the masquarade. If anyone has any pics of my, or better still and vids of me preforming my little song and dance, please feel free to get a hold of me via AIM and E-mail.

My AIM screen name is seitekikoinukun
My e-mail is Seiteki.Koinukun(at)gmail(dot)com

For refference here is a pic I found that I posted up to my website...

Awesome AV Crew!

Hey all, I just wanted to drop in and say that it was a great time working with the AV crew.  Spuds, Cheetah, Tony (Dont know your fur name) it was great.  Im really glad the I had the opportunity to be on the Staff with you this year, and if I can do anything about it, I plan to come back in the future.  Gotta save up for it I guess since Ill be back on the East Coast again.

In the Main stage I was the NekoBoy / Audio Ninja that you all heard going "DING DING DING DING DING" as I ran up to the stage everytime a Mic died.  LOL

Ya, and in case some of you are looking at the pic and going.. wasnt that....?   Yes.... I was the DragonWolf (looked more like just wolf right now) furry with the WAAAAAY too big head.  First head... what I can I say?   Im a growing FurPup.   Im sure that by next year you will all see a much better version.

Royal's Excellent Con Adventure

Yo everyone! I had a freakin blast at this year's FC!! It was so great to get to meet everyone that I did and talk to all of you that I did. This was my first con ever, and my first major time fursuiting as well :O I doubt anyone remembers my suit:

its the one that's second from the cameraman's right, the grey wolf partial made by Noble (named Gao, though my name's Royal). I was just wondering if anyone had any pictures or videos of him? ^_^


I must sincerely apologize to everyone for puking my guts out in the headless lounge ^^;;;;;; I danced just a little too long and hard for a noob fursuiter. Please forgive me if I got some of it on your suit ><;;