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Further Confusion's Journal
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Thursday, January 31st, 2008

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Second FC second post

Wow my second post on this journal, I wasn't really going to post till a few furs asked what my LJ account was so I might as well let them see I posted this main event ^^. Also I'm sorry its late I had to head home from Frost place and didn't want to post it till it was fully done, so sorry for the delay.

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FC 2k8 photo/video request!
My first furcon in many years, and a good time was most definitively had.  If anyone has any pics of Kannik (shown in the icon), or any vids (especially of me doing kung fu or tai chi), if you would send them my way I would be most greatful.  Doubly so if you caught my skit in the FNL.  }:)

Ahoy thar. Amy Bunny's first FC report
Aha. Well, I don't know if this sort of stuff's supposed to go here, or somewhere else, but it can't hurt to post. At least not probably. What's the worst that'll happen? Hm, better not ask that, before I end up upside down over a stewing pot. So, this was my first FC and I had a blast, I'll summerize up why, and then move on to other thoughts and related topics.

What'd I do during this con?

Well, Wednesday I was mostly feeling a bit lost and out of place, the Kitrich was the only one I knew at con, that I could easily find, and Im typically a bit nervous and shy until I get to know people. I know that can be the deadly bane of not getting to do anything at a con, so I did take a few chances and just jumped in and got to know a few people at the Con. Sure, I got weirded out a few times, but nothing major and I met some of the most awesome people in this way. So right. Back on topic. Im bad at this. Wednesday I wandered around aimlessly mostly, but by later in the evening, Sasho who I was rooming with for the con came up and said I could help with bagging, if I was considering con work. So I said sure, why not. I had a blast down there bagging pre-con, met Jenny who I believe is very awesome, Sarahemm was there, and I got to do lots of repetative tasks, which is something I like. And best yet,we got all the bags completed that night. Yaaay us!

After that, Im pretty sure I just went to bed and prepared for an early morning. Sometime during the morning/afternoon of Thursday , I met this person, he was holding a sign, and by golly if his name wasn't Selkit, who shall forevermore be known as Uncle Selkit. It's been said he wants YOU! So I ended up being a gopher. Given my existing ties to Reg desk at this point, and given that Reg is where help is usually needed really badly, especially in the first two days, I ended up working those front lines, directing traffic to cashiers. It didn't always flow perfectly, but thanks to con attendees for being understanding with the chaos and we'll continue to work on making it easier and more coherent to get to cash and keep things flowing smoothly.

By the end of the day my voice was a bit sore from shouting and directing, and I was thoroughly exhausted. I stayed from open-close that day, at Reg. Got so caught up, I forgot to have lunch, hehe. But it was a good kinda crazy. Only thing that could've made it more awesome is if we had Heather Alexander herself performing in the Lobby while people waited in line.

Friday I got up early and headed to Reg once more, by this time they had me working behind the desk with them a lot, because they found me even more useful there, I found it a great experience hanging out with all our reg people. meeting all those people who came by for sponsor,staff,patron,flare badges. Busy day, I might've gotten away for a few hours that day to see some of the con, I can't remember. I got away for the Alexander James Adams concert, if that was on friday, I can't recall and the con book's not beside me, and I don't currently have the FC page up to check. But then it was back down to reg for fun and work.

Saturday I ended up taking off either partly or completely, I think, just so I could actually go see the con, the dealer's room, specifically. I think that was also the night I met D.Wolf and Co. while playing that Werewolf game. For some reason people just don't trust bunnies. I guess they make good werewolves in disguise. hehe. They managed to convince me to stay up all night gaming and chatting, hanging out, and drinking coffee(which is new for me!).

Sunday D.Wolf and a bunch of his friends and I had breakfast together,where we all became friends. there was more dealer room mayhem, most notable in my opinion was probably Team Puzzle. I don't know how well known Pomander and Kaiven are amongst those people who follow art stuff fanatically, but I think they're quite awesome and have excellent work. They stood out I think the most to me, as well as another artist who was at the back, across from club stripes i think it was, but their information i have on a piece of art i had commissioned.

All in all, I thought FC was awesome. I loved it so much, I'll have to be back next year, and next year Im coming back as a Reg Staffer, if they'll hire me. I'm really looking forward to getting to work more with the Reg staff team.

I don't know if they're still accepting ideas for themes for next year's FC, but I had one just today. FC Timewarp. The general idea is having costuming, and furs from every era of history, and theme's. It'd be pretty disjointed for a theme, but I think that'd make it neat. Have some ancient egyptian area, an arthurian area, a "present" time area, and a future area. maybe a few others if there's room for them, panels could range from ren-faire-ish stuff, egyptian culture stuff and information, and future sci-fi stuff. It'd be almost like a culmination of every FC past to present...and even beyond! Anyhow, I just thought that'd be neat, so i'd toss it out there.
Pictures uploaded, access via my RSS feed. jbadgerconpics

Note that I have very limited pictures there as I was in suit a lot at the con and so therefore did not take many pictures.

No con report here, they are in my own LJ.
Hey, I was wondering if there are any images/footage of me floating around. I was the pestilent ragpicker raven which mcbirdyturdy took a very nice shot of:


It was a freshly assembled costume, so I'd love to see whatever anyone has. Post or email (trikotomy at yahoo). Thanks!
A big thank-you...
...to everybody who stopped by the League of Evil Geniuses Hall of Fame on Friday night and helped make our last party at Further Confusion so much fun.

Particular thanks to those who contributed to paying off our happy little tanuki's IOU's!

If you still need a little bit of evil we've got a few more events before we wrap up:

February 15th we will be throwing the party at Gallifrey One, North America's longest-running Doctor Who (and Brit-Media) convention at the lovely LAX Marriott in Los Angeles. We'll have a fabulous suite and even more madness!

April 25-28 offers you a chance to see what we do with a whole weekend at Costume-Con 26. It's 4 days, all costumes, all the time, at The San Jose Doubletree (sound familiar?). We won't be throwing an Evil Geniuses party, but we've got Friday night's Victorian Underwear Party, a Mad Science Fair all weekend and our most fabulous consuite to compensate.

May 23rd is our last great blow-out at BayCon 2008 at the Santa Clara Hyatt Regency. Yep, the last party. Be there or don't!
If anyone has pictures of Collapse )

or any logs of conversations of the person who claimed they owned the fursuit, witnessing of any damage to the suit, etc. I would greatly appreciate it.

GMDs FC-2008 Pics
Alright, here are my batch of pics. Sorry if I didn't get you in here... :(

But, enjoy.


Edit - BTW, if you have a pic of me, (I'm the person in the LJ icon if that helps you recognize me at all.), please post! I want to see me!

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Picture Request
I'm looking for any pics of this suit


This is my boyfriend, ravengraxton in the fursuit that he and matrices made together, this was his first time fursuiting and any pics would be greatly appreciated. Not to mention if you like his costume if you leave any comments/compliments that would be greatly appreciated as well. kthnxbai ^^

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Furry Wall of Death.
Me, wolvenloser, ntproxy, and krigulv all believe that next year we should have the WALL OF DEATH (ala furry style) next year at FC, we tried this year, but people messed it up.

;) I know very few people would be up to this and lack a back bone so to speak, but I wanna see if there is any interest... rofl.
Furry Night Live 2008 - Looking for Comments and Feedback
(x-posted to [info]furcon)

Hi everyone,

We hope that you enjoyed the big Furry Night Live Show at FC 2008 on Sunday night! It was an awesome show, IMHO the best one in the history of FC. Between San Jose Taiko, the movies, the stage skits and the hosts, it was a breathtaking experience. Congrats to the performers, the entire mainstage crew, A/V, FCTV, the emcees and the ninjas, and the entire FNL staff for making it all run so well and look so awesome. The entire backstage looked like the runway lineup at the airport, it was very well put together.

I know there have been lots of comments in individual LJs with regards to what people thought of Furry Night Live, but I would like to ask if people would join us on [info]furrynightlive so we can get a discussion on what you thought worked, what didn't, and what would be better the next time around. This year's show was the result of lots of planning and getting lots of feedback from everyone.

Whether you were a performer, behind the scenes or in the audience, we'd like to hear from you!
I have uploaded My photos from FC2008 to my Flickr, this includes a set from Fursuiting at the Marin Headlands.

Thank y'all for all the fun!
Thanks to all "my" art show staffers and gophers
Before I totally forget...

I want to publicly extend my thanks and acknowledgements to all my art show staffers for the huge effort they pulled through the art show. The weeks leading up to the convention were very hectic for me, and I'm crystal clear that without every one of the staffers pulling for the show being successful, it either wouldn't have worked out as well as it did, or I would have been driven ill/crazy, or some combination of both.

My co-lead Sumarra did a great job with scheduling, and ensuring everyone's well being was looked after, INCLUDING mine.

Thanks to the staffers Pokey, Frostscar, Ian, Daniel, Mona, Laura, Kurt, Heather, Sharon and Lara for ensuring our customers were well looked after and ensured great service. I want you to know that we received tens of compliments of how well the show was run, in no small part to your individual efforts.

And, thanks to all the gophers, too, in particular Mozdoc who put a lot of effort and muscle in. (Not lessening the efforts of the other gophers... I just forget all your names ;) )
Had a great time at 08!
I wanted to thank Bosn, and all the other folks who worked on the Con!

You guys did a great job! The Chinese drummers were a real surprise, that was awesome guys! :)
Our pictures!
Thanks for all the great pictures posted so far, here are some more ^^

Here are Sodders and my pictures from the con

Feel free to check out our journals, sodders and fyrefang and add us as friends!


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Your Obedient Serpent's FC2008 Report
I'm only getting my Con report up now because the Con didn't really end for me until last night, when I dropped jirris_midvale off at the airport.

FC08 was great, over all. AMAZINGLY well-run -- both the Masquerade and Furry Night Live (the Variety Show) started on time, which is pretty well unprecedented. I missed the Masquerade (for reasons explained below), but this was easily the best FNL that FC's ever produced. The acts were great, and interspersing them with the videos was excellent. The stage Ninjas were brilliant, and I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the shiny new... chair!

We hit several panels, and I gave three panels, myself. The Gryphon panel was new this year, and I was astounded at the turn-out, especially since it was opposite the Masquerade. Many thanks to yourbob and eclipsegryph; you guys were great co-panelists. 'Clips even managed to out-talk me.

Despite that, quelonzia and I were... um... a little bored.

"It's not you, it's us." Really. The con itself was great, but our recent anti-social streak left us feeling... detached. A few years ago, we decided that we were going to stop spending so much of our con time "herding cats", getting big groups together for fancy meals. After a couple of years of "oh, we already ate" and such, people just started assuming that Athe and Quel Aren't Interested In Meal Runs -- and so we wound up not really catching up with anyone.

Really, we kinda suck as friends.

So... we showed up at the Job Fair on Monday, and volunteered for Staff positions next year. That'll get us a lot more involved

I'm also going to try to get a costume ready. I'm setting aside the Big Elaborate Dragon-Things for a somewhat more modest starter concept. More on that later... maybe. I might keep it under wraps as a surprise.

(Oh, and that cold from the week before the Con was another 24-hour thing. This is just weird; I don't get those, but I've gotten three since moving into this new rental house.)

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