January 30th, 2008


First FC!

This was my first FC, and attending as a Dealer's Den artist, I have to say the con was amazing. I'll be back next year for sure. And extra big thanks to the folks who ran the Art show, the organization that was shown really blew me away.

Other than misplacing the tax forms moments before signing into the dealer's room, I had a great con.

I'd like to kindly ask that anyone that I did art for, if at all possible, can send me scans of the badges and sketches I did. My badges are signed on the back with 'Skulldog 08' and the sketches will have my 'KE08' signature. My email is Skulldog@gmail.com.

And anyone that may have missed me for anything they wanted to buy, my FA page is over this way: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/skulldog/

Oops, I forgot =P

I didn't consider it before, but since it's about FC 08, I may as well post it for you all X3

I made 2 videos (part 1 and part 2) of my FC experience, and I didn't think to post them here for you all... So now I will ^^ *wags* Marf!



Part 2:
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Fursuit head

So thanks and all that jazz from a industrial 'roogirl

Thank you staff, organizers, and various people who didn't poke too much fun at me when the planets aligned and I let myself get a bit(Snrk) drunk at a con for once.

Rain and parking was a bit out there, but it's alright..I've got no beef with them..they can fly their magic carpets all around and get some snakes in wicker baskets for the holidays.
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Frostcat 2

Further Confusion 2008 Report

FC was spectacular, and from what I gathered:

Furry Night Live was awesome beyond belief, the Taiko performance was beautiful.  The most of the skits stuck to the theme and the extras were awesome.  Blazger was in a couple of them too.  Lucky bastard....I mean, Love you =-_^=

The dances was good overall.  Just don't come at me with pitch forks and flame war...er tourches.  My view:  Friday - good start but iffy at the end.  Saturday -  was busy for the most patt.  Sunday - Electro/distortion has a good beat to it.  Dead Dog Monday - couple of  odd balls but the rest ROCKED!!!

The Video Game Room got a real good selection.  Furs brought SSBM and Guitar Hero of course.  But there was also Rock Band, Naruto Shippuden import for PS2 which kicks ass, Halo 3 (though it was barely played) and Virtua Fighter 5 for X-box 360 which got a huge watch too.  Yes, there is nothing like kicking the shit out of people with Jacky Bryant while listening to some furries playing and singing the lyrics to South Park's TIMMY!!!!  (Well, I put up a good fight.  Still need more practice)

The Taiko drum performers also kicked things off with the fursuit parade too instead of the jukebox Disney's "Electro Parade" we always hear.  Although the Critteralympics got canceled with the three days of rain, I've managed to show off my Hitsugaya (yeah, no white hair) outfit off in the parade, photo shoots (and out of suit too pretending to be Ichigo), and in the BWM (Black and White Mafia).  By the way, THREE HUNDRED SIXTY-FOUR!  OH MY GOD!!!!
(That's what I keep hearing)

Monday was the best, even though nothing much happened, it was finally sunny outside!  Though I could be wrong about nothing going on.  There happened to be a certain red fursuit that looks exactly like JD Puppy and decided to take a quick dip in the pool =-_^=  The rest of us managed to get in suit and look pretty on the "lawn" chairs and walkway.  Dead Dog ruled, even if some of the music choices were bad from others opinions, it was still cool none the less.  Come on.  What better way to end the night then 3 hours of fursuit dancing and conga line finish with 30 minutes left.  Just to listen to the remix of Sesame Street while saying your last goodbyes to your fellow furs.

I've meet a hell of a lot of new furs that know me from second life and on FA that I've never really got to know this time around. So I apologize if I seemed too distant or acting a little odd while I was trying to remember who you are.  Kitty brain FTW right?  I've managed to travel with a pack of cubs with Corsi.  It was awesome all around.  Even though they bugged the hell out of Blazger to no end.  To finally make this long story short, FC is definitely the con I want to go to now.

*Post the pictures soon*


*FC report and arrival rant x-posted to my LJ*
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Kidnapped Gold Dragon pictures

Phar has dispatched me to locate pictures of her in her gold dragon costume (mache'd gold dragon head, kimono) being abducted by a muscly, armored Scabrous dragon (Helvetica/ Foofers) and squeeing screaming. If anyone managed to get a shot before they disappeared and can provide links, I know she'd be totally appreciative to have a copy as that randomness was a highlight of the con for her. :) 
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A big thank you!

I just wanted to say thank you for those running the con it looked like it went really well. Everyone seemed to be having a wonderful time! I didn't get see much because of my leg but boy was it wonderful to be there. Thank you to everyone who bought a pixie stick from me so that I wouldn't have to take them home *Grin* because Jeska on sugar is a scary thing!

I hope to see everyone again next year!
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a kitty saying hello

hey this is cyan if i dint get your contact info in all the craziness of the con you can contact me throw here. o and if have any pics or vids of me, send them my way :) o i also lot my truck keys so if you seen a par of silver GM keys there likely mine.
me in the coat

Hoping to get in touch with M.Y.

We where talking about single tails and street lights.

You commented about my kilt.
I commented about your gloves.

Then I forgot to ask about where you got your gloves.
So...if you could contact me that would be great. My e-mail is
in my profile.


(yes like everyone else, having PCD right now)
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  • qdot

FC2008 Pictures

FC2008 had what Cubes crave.

It had electrolytes.

Too bad it has to involve licking fursuiters to get them.

Sadly, after 3 years, the cubehat has been retired, taken out to a field, and shot. It has passed over the rainbow bridge to bad fursuit heaven, where it can frolic with everything else that was put together on a whim encouraged by alcohol and an overabundance of art supplies.

But, next year shall bring new and amazing things for the Shapey fandom. After two years at FC, it's time to get this new fandom off the ground. Shapey spirituality panel at FC2009, anyone?

For all of you that owed me drinks this year but had a problem finding me because I lose the ability to sit down and relax for any useful period of time during cons, don't worry, I took your name down and will have the list ready for FC2009. Start saving up now to buy me something quality, and maybe, just maybe, you won't be banned. [-.^]

My FC2008 flickr set is available here.

(Oh yeah: thanks to everyone involved with the SL panel, both organizing and attending. [^_^])
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Wasn't able to make Hiss and Purr (my ride wanted to go), but two suggestions:

First, if we're reserving two hotels next year....as there's usually a complaint about lack of programming space, can we use some at the OTHER hotel?

Second, for a theme, if the exec board hasn't already decided on one...Califurnia Dreaming.

And a query...I seem to have brought a comment card for one of the panels home with me. Where do I mail it, if at all?


Hello my lovies. I had an awesome time at the con! I'm too poor to afford a fursuit yet, and too handicapped when it comes to making my own things to make one for myself, but hopefully next year I'll have SOMEthing. I was the girl who was usually by herself, I had a horde shirt on that lots of people commented on, and knee length combat boots on for half of the day. Anyway, I just wanted to share the pictures I took of the parade, but my camera died near then end. -sniffles- So I'm sorry if you're missing!

Click Here! <3
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Feedback on the dances

So here I am, back in the real world, decompressing from what was such a great furry experience.

This year, I was the social track lead.  Yup, the one responsible for those dances on the main stage at night.  This was my first year doing it, although I have always paid attention to what people have said about the dances in the past, and tried hard this year to remove the things that people always disliked, and to bring you more of the things you did like.  And as well, tried to do some things differently, such as having different themes on each night (Friday: rock, disco, punk, pop; Saturday: Electronic Dance Music; Sunday: Hard techno), having a fursuit dance for the first hour each night (slightly slower music, brighter lighting), and have a Live! Action! Drawing! event up on stage.

I know it would be helpful to me, and to anyone else who does this position in future years, to hear people's comments on the dances.  What worked, what didn't work.  If you didn't care much for the dances this year, what years past did you think it worked better.  What music you enjoyed dancing too, what you didn't.  Any dj's you enjoyed, any you thought were really bad (and yes, I realized my personal attempt to dj while fully fursuited failed miserably and those attempting to dance suffered).  Don't be afraid to be as critical, you will not offend us.  And most importantly, what can we do in the future to make this experience of dancing at night better for you.  And if you are curious to our reasoning behind anything we did at the dances, please ask.  No hidden agenda here.

Thank you, I had a blast, and love you all.
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EarVelvet's Live Set from Saturday Night

It was my pleasure to entertain all of you who came out for the closing set on Saturday night! If you missed it, the floor was covered in hoppin, high-energy furries both in and out of suit and the crowd kept growing all the way until 3am when the staff had to turn the lights on and shoo us out of the room so they could get some sleep! :)

Props to all the DJ's at the event, particularly to DJ Wiru for keepin' things bumpin all the way to 1:30 when I took over and to Neonbunny and friends for all their hard work in making the dances on each of the nights run very smoothly and pretty much on-time the whole weekend.

If you were there and just can't wait to hear it again, or weren't and want to know what you missed:

Earvelvet's 2008 FC Live Set (track list) (Stream)(Download) 1h 30min (156MB)


FC was awesome (as always)

well I'm home safely, though flying into chicago was hairy the clouds didn't break until about 1000+ metres above ground.

FC was my both a first and second for me. a first as it was my first con in suit, and a second as it was my second time at FC.

I had an insane amount of fun, though I missed out on alot of the dances, raves and FNL, I'd go to get a rest from suiting for twenty minutes or so to rest my feet and I'd go and fall asleep x_X.

but the times I had when I was concious were awesome, I had a laugh at the fursuiting panel, though despite my having my suit there with me and my freinds egging me on to join in when it came to folk asking the suiters questions nervousness and stagefright hit me like a ton of bricks and I relegated myself to the back of the room X3.

the fursuit parade was a big event for me and I think one of the longest times I spent in suit at the con, though waiting at the elevators afterward got too much for me and I resorted to decapitating myself to cool down.

Sunday was a fun day as well as I spent most of the day suiting on and off while also playing around with the halo guns I bought earlier in the day, I lost count of the photos, though I would LOVE to see the photos of me holding up Wonka, that cracked me up.

the only really bad thing about the trip was the journey home, I got to the baggae carousel only to find my fursuit box had started to disintegrate, thankfully my fursuit was fine.

either way much love and respect to the staff and everyone else at FC, I cannot wait for next year.

I also found myself leaving the con with more freinds then I did when I started and that's always a good thing.

if anyones got photos and what have you please please get in touch and show me :3.
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FC 2008 Pictures!

With 387 characters attending "The Fur East", it was impossible to catch them all in photos, but I got a good chunk of 'em! Go to the following site to check them out:
Click on "Gallery of Ultra-Gor's Adventures" to find FC2008's gallery. There's also galleries of past events that "Critters By The Bay" attended. Maybe you'll find a friend's picture among them!
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this was my second con and I have to say it was even better than last year!!! I had tons of fun volunteering for con ops and i encourage anyone who is an early riser like me to do it, its a good way to spend the boring mornings. I can't wait til' next year!!! hopefully i can get a lil money together so i can go to califur for the first time. this year.

cya all next year!!!
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trying to catch folks

I was up WAY too early on Saturday morning and met a couple of really nifty folks. Night Eyes, the Colorado giraffe in desert camo, who changed into a kilt. Jester the tiger from the UK, who builds motorcycles and has great taste in music. If anyone can point them in my direction I'd be grateful.

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New Rakhan Sofa
  • rakhan


Great time at FC, thanks to all involved as usual.. Shame about all the Evil Foxes, Hyenas and Dogs chasing the poor bunnies about.. :)

Thanks to fellow bunny yagfox and emejn, It was difficult to hide being so bright!

SUPER happy

Oz & Duke owe everyone a huge thanks!

I must say, certainly my best year ever.

Everyone is so friendly, staff, dealers and all you guys n girls attending. Although I was a little run down before the con even started. It certainly didn't stop me from having a great time.

I'd also like to thank those who attended the FNL who voted for "So you think ya Gangsta". I honestly didn't expect to place. Also a huge public thanks to JD Puppy, Dex and Madius who made our skit come alive. You guys rock!

Although the rain may of stopped the Critter Olympics it didn't stop the fursuiting fun. More fursuits then I have ever seen before. The talent when it comes to fursuit construction is just blowing me away more and more.

So thanks again to everyone for making this con very special for an Aussie tourist.

*hugs to all*
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(no subject)

Another FurCon has slipped by too quickly...despite a lack of cooperation from the weather department, another awesome time was had by this fox and bear.

First of all, it was awesome to meet up with all my favorite furs again: super_jayhawk, nerfcoyote, crocodile, tonyringtail(BIGHUGZ), scruffecoyote,axelroo, bradhound(BIGHUGZ), pepemapeche(thanks for the plushie party!), Pikachou, huggiebear, daggetwolf, mojavecoyote, redxix, windmist, terraluna, jdpuppy, thumper, northing, and the many others that might not have mentioned due to a failing memory of this fox.

Also, I want to thank raqoon, frizbeepup, and qmick for caravaning with Mousepaws and me down to California, and most of all, I thank (with BIGHUGZ) my co-pilot yiffybluemouse for helping get me through the snow of Northern California going down and the Willamette Valley coming back...not to mention his companionship on the trip and at the con. Thanks, Mousie...

And thanks to mojavecoyote and redxix for letting me and Mousepaws stay at their Arcata manor on our way back north...and for introducing me to the In-n-Out Burger during the trip! (Next time, I'll get it "Animal-style", yum!)

Overall, I thought the con went along very well this year (despite Critterlympics being cancelled because of the weather, stupid rain!), and most events seemed to come off on time! Lots and lots of vendors in the Dealers' Den (as usual) and another record amount of fursuiter in the parade this year (YEA!). I think fursuit tagging was a neat idea and I hope they do it again next year. I enjoyed the stage events like the Masquarade and I very much enjoyed this year's Furry Nite Live...the video presentations were fabulous, especially "Under the Same Sky" which showed alot of quality and detail, with a beautiful location for the setting.

After a day-and-a-half trip back to Portland by way of Hwy. 101 due to the snow, its back to work again. Next, I look forward to All-Fur-Fun in Spokane this spring!
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Nitro Cute Wave

(no subject)

 Hey everyone!  Nice to see all the pictures and videos coming out.   Thanks so much!    Me and Spark spent a good half of the con in costume and didn't get too many pictures of the other fursuiters.  I met so many people and had such a good time!

Here is a link to my FC2008 Gallery - http://s248.photobucket.com/albums/gg190/NitroShep/FC2008
Most of the photos are from a pollside photoshoot we when the sun --finally-- came out and a few from the indoor photoshoot area.  Although many of the pictures are of me (Nitro), Spark, Skookum, Revfox, Matrices & Royal Dog, there are a few others mixed in there if you want to check it out.

If you have any Video or Pictures of me, send me a message or email me a link, would love to see them.  :-)

Huge thanks to everyone that made this FurCon so awesome, especailly the staff who put so much work into it.... it shows!
Great meeting everyone that I had a chance to stop and talk too.  :-)


-SHEP (Nitro)
Cornwall 2

Sorry I couldn't make it.

I'm sorry I couldn't make it down this year. After seeing all the pictures and videos, props to the Chinese dragon and drums at the start of the parade, I wish I did. But with other commitments that I need to attend to I couldn't make it. However, I will say that I will be at FC in 2009. Oh yeah my little buddy Dougal will be there too. Just don't mention to Dougal about all the dragons he missed. Wouldn't want to upset the little guy. To close I wanted to give a big thank you to those who've uploaded pictures and videos. Great job whether you took lots or a little! See you all next year!


Anyone nab photos of this suit? I know someone filmed a battle between be and the Pink/red blob, I'd love to see that. I wasn't always wearing the armor, I borrowed it from Vif.

I only got a couple photos. D:
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acid test
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(no subject)

Greetings and salutations.

After much prompting on Sunday night, I'm posting my playlist from the main dance floor. I was the first DJ of the night, from 10:30is to 11:15pm. (The mouse with the green and yellow dreadlocks.)

Paul Har Tnoll with Robert Smith - Please 44 (Culprit 1 Remix)
Tiesto - He's A Pirate
Assemblage 23 - Madman's Dream
Funker Vogt - City of Darkness
Mind Confusion - Vivre Sur Video
Icon of Coil - Dead Enough For Life
Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (freestyle mixed with The Warp Brothers and The Orb)
E Nomine - Mitternacht (DJ Neshamah's Lord's Prayer Mix)
Deathline Int'l - Paradise City
The Strand - Hunted
(I know, short set. But that was due to a F.U.B.A.R. that was way past anyone's fault.)
If anyone wants to know where to find any of this music, just let me know and i'll get you in the right direction.

And thank you to all of you that came out and danced. And a huge thank you to smash wolf and neon bunny for bringing me in for this at the last min.

DJ Neshamah

Another big thank-you!

Another big thank-you to everyone who made FC08. My second convention (first being FC06), I had a truly wonderful time. A deep sincere thanks to everyone who organised, managed and participated, especially the fursuiters - every single one of you! You all put on an awesome performance that, despite the grey wet skies, really created a magical memorable few days.

There wasn't anything negative about the con for me - except possibly the trip back to the UK. I wholeheartedly do not recommend Lufthansa for trans-atlantic flights! Ugh.

I have tens of gigs of (RAW) images to process and put up somewhere - I hope inside a month to create Yet Another FC gallery. When I do, I'll invite everyone to comment, or put their names to pictures. I cannot possibly remember everyone!
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I had a fun time while it lasted but I felt something was missing... last year was more enjoyable even tho technically this year was better

I met few new people, too bad they're not worth talking over the internet and of course my old friends which I really didn't spend much time with any

This con was a huge blur, it was over before I knew it and I don't remember much of what I did... maybe I've been at too many cons and it's starting to get a little old, I guess I'll find out when I go to my first FWA

I would write a more detailed report but I really don't have any moments to cherish in the long run and I'm sorry for making this a bitter read then again I don't see too many negative reports. I hope at least I gave some candy eye to you guys, that would be the only thing that would cheer me up


Had so much fun this year!!! First year with a suit, first year in the FNL skits, first year I didnt sweat my drawing too much. I had many other artistic endevors keeping me busy.

If anyone has footage of the Snow White and the Seven Samurai skit from FNL I'd love to see it. Also any pictures of my suit, please point me in that direction.

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Hey anyone know where there is like a list of the anime that was shown in the anime room at con? Some of them looked really interesting. Also I had a great time at con this year met so many awesome new furries and can't wait for the next one.

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  • bosn

Final word from the soon to be Ex-Chair

Are you all as tired as I am?

Christ I feel like someone switched all of my bones and didn't put them in right. I really dont see how you youngins do it.
I just wanted to give a shout out to a few groups that rarely get noticed during the convention. Some fokes that really bust there ass but honestly just don't get the pat on the back they so richly deserve.

The Gophers.
My God how do you do it? Your there when we need you, you lift that barge and tote that bail with hardly a bicker. There is no way in hell this convention could function without you. If your not there I might actually have to lift something.....and Im just too damn old. From my heart guys and gals, thanks.

Staff Feed/Con Suite.
Food runs and keeping things fresh. And I bet when someone runs in there and grabs a handful of Oreos and scampers out they never utter thanks. Well I am now. Thanks so very much for just being there when needed.

Con Ops.
You guys really came together for us. In an hour of need you took control. Con Ops was professional and efficient. I can only hope you come to the aid of the con next year. Just and outstanding job.

Your on the front lines and get to take the heat. But you do it with cool heads and composure that would make a clerk at the DMV weep. I am always astounded when I walk by registration. It just hums along, everyone busy as bees but no one stinging. You people rock! you rock out loud!

Next to Registration I would have to say that FCTV gets more undeserved crap talk than anyone else in the con. Hundreds of pre-con hours go into making FCTV work. At the Con FCTV crew rarely even leave main stage. Im surprised they just don't sleep there. But the second we get a glitz on our TV's some furs start dumping on them. Are those people nuts? do they even know what kind of effort goes into bringing them the coolness that is FCTV? I think not! Great job this year dudes!

Now there are others that also deserve great praise, I could go on and on. I only named these few because I feel year in and year out they never seem to get the love that is due to them.

And lastly I want to thank my Exec staff, genhusky  , simonwolfe  , chairoraccoon  , frysco  , kitelessd  Silene, Berg, Squirrel, Aeto, Foxcar, Findra and all there seconds and thirds for making all these nutty ideas we had actually work. Best exec staff EVAR!

And of course a very special thanks to my Co-chair melchar  for being there, enduring my rants and rages and helping me keep my sanity. Always a calm in a raging storm.

Well I am done. I will post no more as Chair save it be to answer responses. Soon I will pass the torch onto the greatness that is called frysco  and he shall carry on. Bringing the convention to even greater heights.

Hallelujah and amen.

Bos'n C Otter
Cas by Goldie

FC was awesome!

I had a complete blast at FC this year and there are many people to thank for that :D There is a con report in my journal if anyone is interested.

Mostly I'd like to kindly ask for any pictures or videos people took of me in either of the two costumes I brought! I know there are a number of them out there, including an epic battle between Nevermint and myself (as Caliber) involving rather phallic looking balloons XD I know there was also a number of pics taken of our Cats group. So yes...pictures would be very appreciated!! Post them here or you can send them to wolfthatdraws@comcast.net

Here are a few pics of my suits courtesy of Tugrik's awesome photoshoot!!!

Caliber of the spotty butt:

Jinx (as Misto):

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