May 7th, 2007


Furthur Confution... A Thing Of The Past?..........

There is a storm brewing in the not so far off future. Its the fact the FC is, or at least a few think, out growing the hotel. I talked to a few staff members over the last few months and even read a few LJs on it and the numbers confirm the fact that FC is getting bigger each year... but at what cost?..

We well out grow the hotel and will need to find a new place witch more then likely increase the con price, hotel price and change the date of the con.
Many have grown use to the fact that FC is about 100 a night to stay and is about 50 to play and is held in the same predictable spot every year. Its gives time for furs that on a limited budget to plan for the next con and start saving and also is 3 weeks after the biggest holidays of the year so that furs can recuperate and attend FC.

Also, there is no guarantee that we can even claim the numbers of attendants if we do move.

Example: A lot of furs have to decide on AC or FC. If you make FC on a date or near a date of a local con that they like to go then they might opted to go to AC instead.

We are getting to the point that there is a con every month of the year and times slots are very picky. To change out dates well change the dynamics of furry planning and may opted to not go to FC.

I remember when FC was first talked about and it was mainly a local Bay Area con and in the words of a few " was never going to complete with the big cons"

Well, we are one of the Big Cons. Now we have so start thinking like and looking at other cons for examples. What happen to AC when they moved?

1/4 mile walk. What happen to CF when they started getting big? its now Califur.

There are a LOT of cons that are getting very popular and growing every year. Little FCs and they well soon get to the point of over growing there places or they can manage it so they wont have too.

If you have a fish tank with 2 fish in it, they well grow to the point were it looks like you need a bigger tank. But a most of the time, the fish just stop growing matching the size of the tank. It well look like its getting too small but it well always stay like that. Get a bigger tank and again you well find the fish well look like they are out growing it.

Also there is the problem of managing that fish tank. Each time you change tanks, you have to relearn how to manage it and when you change staff each year, that well be a unspoken burden on the new managers. The well be resentments and rumors and even hatred towards each other and mean while the fish keep growing.

Do we want that?

What I propose is nothing major or extraordinary but that we keep the hotel and over flow hotel and change nothing.

Furs well come and sure there well be many that well complain about no rooms and lack of space but one should think getting there room in advance rather get it a week before con. As for the dealers room, I would rather have a full dealers room then trying to make it full. I believe that we are near the maximum numbers of fur that well attend FC because of the huge influx of little cons that are forming all over the country. they well all be great cons some day and when that happens we well be hoping for the situations that we are complaining about now.

FC was formed in part because of the infighting and constant hotel changes of ConFurance.

Do we want anyone those examples happen to FC?

I dont....Lets not change, lets continue to be a great con.

**** The post has been edited because of a bad referance to Burnig Man.****
  • bovil

The rumor mill...

I've read in comments on other journals that "the DoubleTree will not be hosting any more conventions." This is not true. Please stop spreading this rumor. This isn't good for FC or any other convention doing business with the DoubleTree.

The DoubleTree has signed contracts with several new conventions (I'm involved in one of them) and has signed new contracts with several existing conventions using their space. Just a few months ago they participated in a San Jose Convention and Visitors Bureau reception promoting San Jose hotels (including the downtown hotels) to "fannish" convention runners. There is no evidence to support the rumor that the DoubleTree is kicking out our sort of conventions.