Francisco Azinsan (frysco) wrote in furcon,
Francisco Azinsan

Hotel update: We are now sold out of Exec Level Rooms

We received word from our hotel that all the rooms on the Exec Level have now been booked, and there are no more to offer.

If you're not currently keeping score, here's what we have sold out of so far:
  • Parlor Suites
  • Executive Level rooms (floors 9 and 10)
  • 'Accessible' rooms for those with special needs
We still have plenty of regular guest rooms available (double queen and single king), as well as rooms on the Party Floor, Fursuit Floors and the first floor.

More details are on our hotel page

As a reminder, if you are told by the hotel reservation line that we are sold out of a room type that we have not said that we're sold out of, or are quoted an incorrect price, please make a reservation anyway and then email us at providing us with the name you made the reservation under, the confirmation number of your reservation, and your request.

Please be patient when sending in your requests. Our hotel liaison staff will get to your request and reply back to you - it just may take a couple of days.
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