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Further Confusion's Journal
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Friday, June 1st, 2012

Time Event
The website goes live at 3pm PDT today. In addition Dealers reg and pre-reg opens. Hotel reservations has been delayed to June 7th 3pm PDT
Further Confusion 2013 Website blasts off!!
Our themed site for 2013 is now live at www.furtherconfusion.org
Regarding Dealers Room Postmark questions.
Due to a mid-day opening of Dealers' Registration we have decided to treat applications postmarked June 1st and June 2nd as if they were postmarked the same day. All applications posted on either day will be treated equally. We hope this alleviates any concerns you may have.

Thank you.

Further Confusion 2013 Staff

Current Mood: busy
Space theme and dressing up your fursuit
Was wondering what some folks had in mind or were planning. My husband reminded me of an interesting character today. Maybe even one somebody may be tempted to dress as.

I bring you Rocket Raccoon:

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